Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has called on “the United Nations and UN Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide to stop trying to artificially appoint timeframes for reaching agreements and imposing solutions that are rejected by any of the parties to the Cypriot settlement”.


Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulides (L) – Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov (R)

Lavrov was speaking during a press conference with Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Ioannis Kasoulides, who said he briefed Lavrov on the latest developments in Cyprus and “in particular this concerns the matter of security”.

“It is the most important chapter for us in any solution. We know that Russia’s stance is identical to ours in that the institution of guarantees must be eliminated and all foreign troops withdrawn from Cyprus”, Kasoulides, who is in Russia as part of the preparations of Nicosia’s Presidency in the Council of Europe, pointed out.

He added that Russia, as a UN Security Council member, had always adhered to high-principled positions, and kept pressing for them today.

According to Tass news agency, Lavrov said that the development of relations and cooperation between Russia and Cyprus do not depend on the current political environment.

“We regularly communicate at various levels, and this underlines that our political dialogue is based on trust and of special character. Last year we celebrated 55 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations and all these years once again laid emphasis that our cooperation and development of bilateral relations do not depend on the political environment”, Lavrov said.

Lavrov furthermore said that Russia calls on the United Nations not to impose its vision of Cyprus settlement on Cyprus.

According to an official press release, Lavrov said “we are committed by the decisions made by the UN Security Council supporting a Cyprus settlement based on the principle of agreements between the two communities and we remain committed to this principle”.

“We will respect any decision made by the people of Cyprus. At this point, we are aware of the position of the Republic of Cyprus and we think that this position should be taken into account and there should be no attempts to impose any solution on the people of Cyprus by external forces. We believe that the UN and the UN Special Adviser working on the Cyprus settlement should not artificially pose any deadlines or any recommendations rejected by one of the parties in the Cyprus dispute”, he said.

Kasoulides said he “expressed the idea that the role of the Security Council will not be just to endorse any agreement reached, but to send the message to the Cypriot people that when it will be implemented, it will be implemented according to the content of the agreement”.

Furthermore, Kasoulides said Moscow and Nicosia did not discuss the issue of setting up Russian military bases in Cyprus.

“Reality shows that Russia can come to Syria without any bases”, Kasoulides said, answering a question how Cyprus could help Russia in the fight against international terrorism taking into account its geographic location.

According to Tass, Lavrov confirmed that the issue was not discussed, and pointed out that he could not remember the two government`s ever discussing this issue.

Lavrov added that Russia’s military bases in Hmeymim and Tartus are adequate to conduct counter-terrorist operations in Syria.

Kasoulides assured that Cyprus supports Syria`s territorial integrity and unity.

Article written by CNA

Anorthosis travel to Dheryneia on Monday evening to face Anagennisi in a game that wraps up match day 9 of the Cyprus first division football league.


 AEK of Larnaca stayed  top of the league table despite being held to a 1-1 draw on Saturday at home against second place Apoel.

AEL of Limassol, currently in third place, missed a great chance on Sunday to catch Apoel after drawing 1-1 at home against AEZ Zakakioiu.


Standings: AEK 25 , APOEL 23, AEL 21, Omonia 18, Apollon 16 Ermis 13,  Karmiotissa 11, Nea Salamina 9,  Anorthosis 8, Ethnikos Achnas 8, AEZ 7 , Doxa 5, Aris 4, Anagennisi 1.

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President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has said that many of the concerns about the Cyprus issue and ongoingpeace process are unfounded and unjustified. He pointed out that we should not be fearful because fear leads to inactiveness and finally to the prolongation of the Turkish occupation of the island.

Cyprus President: Nicos Anastasiades

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades

Speaking to the press on Friday following a celebration for the Greek National Day of “OXI”, the President said that what is of great importance is to work so that the concerns are overcome.  Asked about the team that will accompany him to Switzerland for the talks to be held on November 7-11, mainly on the territory aspect of the Cyprus problem, the President said that preparations are underway on the experts and legal advisers who will travel with him.

In another question he said that on Sunday, during the meeting of the National Council he will brief the political leaders and he expects their support.

The President also referred to the National Day of “OXI” celebrated by all the Hellenes, he pointed out that when the Hellenes are united, they are victorious and this is something we need to take into consideration.

He said that Cyprus is under occupation and this is a reality we must have in mind and must continue the efforts to reunite our country.

Cyprus has been divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island. UN-backed talks are underway with the aim to reunite the island under a federal roof.

President Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci have decided to travel to Mont Pelerin, Switzerland, to hold talks on November 7-11 mainly on the territory aspect of the Cyprus problem.

Article written by CNA

Greece, Cyprus and communities from both nations around the worldare celebrating ‘Oxi Day’ today, October 28, which commemorates the rejection by Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas to the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on this day in 1940.

Student Parade in Athens

Student Parade in Athens

76 years ago, Greece staged a counter-attack against the invading Italian forces on the Pindus mountains during the Greco-Italian War, and the Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation.


This ultimatum was presented to Metaxas by Italy’s Ambassador to Greece, Emanuele Grazzi, shortly after 3am, who had just come from a party at the Athens-based German Embassy.

It demanded that Greece allow Axis forces to enter Greek territory and occupy certain unspecified “strategic locations” or otherwise face war.


It was allegedly answered with a single laconic word: όχι (No!). However, it is rumoured that his actual reply was, “Alors, c’est la guerre!” (Then it is war!).


In response to Metaxas’s refusal, Italian troops stationed in Albania, then an Italian protectorate, attacked the Greek border at 5:30am—the beginning of Greece’s participation in World War II.

In response Greek citizens took to the streets, irrespective of political affiliation, shouting “όχι! (No!)”.



From 1942, it was celebrated as ‘Oxi Day’ first mostly among members of the resistance and after the war by all Greeks.


During the war, October 28 was commemorated yearly by Greek communities around the world and in Greece and Cyprus, and after World War II it became a public holiday in both countries.

The events on that day are commemorated every year with military and student parades. On every anniversary, most public buildings and residences are decorated with Greek flags.

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Apart from the fact that Panathinaikos was held to a goalless draw at home on Thursday by financially stricken Iraklis, despite being largely dominant in both halves of the game, there were hardly any surprises in the first round of the Greek’s cup group stage.


Olypmpiakos won comfortably 3-1 against Platanias on Wednesday as Sparta did after beating Chania4-0.

Also on Wednesday PAOK defeated Larisa 2-0 while Panelefsiniakos lost 5-0 to Trikala.

On Tuesday AEK thrashed Kerkyra 4-0. Apollon Smyrnis topped their group after a 1-0 win at home against OFI and   Lamia beat 1-0 Anagennisi Karditsas.

In other groups it was PAS Giannina 1 Xanthi 0, Kalloni Lesvou 1 Agrotikos Asteras 2, Aiginiakos 0 Aris 3, Asteras Tripolis 1 Veria 0, Atromitos 1 Panetolikos 0, Panthrakikos 3 Kallithea 0, Panionios 0 Levadiakos 0, and Panserraikos 0 Kissamikos 2.

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APOEL FC faces Ethnikos Achnas on Monday in GSP stadium in a game that wraps up match day 8 of the Cyprus first division football league.


League`s leader AEK of Larnaca continued on Sunday its winning streak, beating AEZ away with 5-2. AEK is the only team with eight victories in eight matches and leads the standings with 24 points.

The second in the standings, AEL of Limassol, beat yesterday Aris and reached 20 points with 6 wins and 2 draws.

The results of match day 8: AEL-Aris 3-0, AEZ-AEK 2-5, Anorthosis-Ermis 2-2, Karmiotissa-Doxa 1-0, Apollon-Anagennisi 4-0, Nea Salamina-Omonia 1-1.

Standings: AEK 24, AEL 20, APOEL 19, Omonia 15, Ermis 13, Apollon 13, Karmiotissa 11, Anorthosis 8, Nea Salamina 6, AEZ 6, Ethnikos Achnas 5, Doxa 5, Aris 4, Anagennisi 1.

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The Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn has renewed his promise to work from the opposition in order to help bring about a settlement to the Cyprus issue and also press the UK Government to fulfil its obligations as a guarantor power towards the island.

From Left to Right: Vasilis Panayi (LGR presenter) - Cyprus High Commissioner Evripides Evryviades - Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn- Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry

From Left to Right: Vasilis Panayi (LGR presenter) – Cyprus High Commissioner to the UK Evripides Evryviades – Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn – Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry – Famagusta Association President Vassilis Mavrou

Attending a Famagusta Association of Great Britain dinner in north London on Sunday evening, the leader of the major opposition said: “We ’ve had the invasion, we ‘ve had the loss of life, the destruction, the partition, we ‘ve had the loss of property and the refusal of the refugees’ right to return. The Annan plan was rejected because it didn’t cover the requirements of the Cypriot people as a whole; it has to be rethought and a new plan has to be put together. It won’t work unless it is accepted by everybody and this has to be the basis on which the new plan will develop and that’s what we will be working on in opposition and hopefully in government.”

Corbyn added that there are now two tasks ahead: to politically push as hard as possible for a deepening of the dialogue between the communities in Cyprus in order to achieve a settlement that enables people to return to their homes and the “disgrace” of what’s happened to Famagusta to be righted; and also to ensure that the British government takes its responsibility towards Cyprus very seriously.

“When a country takes up a responsibility of guarantor of independence as Britain did in 1960, that is a very serious long term responsibility. We recognise that, we understand that. I want a government that bases its foreign policy on peace, on justice, on human rights, on international law… That means accepting our responsibilities, that means ensuring there is a peaceful solution to the conflicts, bringing people together and also recognising the deep injustices that were done in 1974, when that invasion took place. And if that means a difficult relationship with some big powers in order to assert our determination to uphold the rule of law and human rights, then so be it,” said Jeremy Corbyn.

He also praised the “incredible” contribution of the UK Cypriot community to London and the British society, commenting that they should feel proud of what they have been doing for Cyprus and their adopted country.

Corbyn was accompanied by his wife and other members of his family, as well as the Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry. In her short address she referred to her personal relation to Cyprus, where her father lived for many years after first visiting the island as a UN peacekeeper.

She described her experience of visiting Famagusta and Varosha, where she saw a town frozen in time, fenced off from the rest of the world after the Turks “invaded”, and left to “rot” ever since. Thornberry said she understood how people feel strongly about Famagusta and that there must be a settlement for the future of Cyprus and one that properly looks at what happens with the town.

“We can never undo the injustice done to Cyprus and its people, who still live with that injustice today…  But we can hope that the new generation brought up in the beautiful island of Cyprus will not have to live with the division and the injustice; we can hope that given the leadership shown by President Anastasiades they will grow up in peace and security in a united and democratic Cyprus, where we can lay to rest the grievances of the past, but we must make proper reparation for the injustices of that past, including the injustices done to the families of Famagusta,” said Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary.

“Jeremy and I will continue to support that process and we will uphold the position of the UK as a protector of peace and the guarantor of the independence of Cyprus and will continue to stand with you in the pursuit of justice,” she added.

The High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus to the UK Euripides Evriviades thanked Corbyn for his long-standing support of Cyprus and he also praised the UK-Cypriot community, describing its members as the “true ambassadors” of Cyprus.

He noted that Famagustians and Cypriots only ask for Famagusta to return to its rightful owners and for “the sun of freedom, of justice and human rights to shine across all of Cyprus and all Cypriots”.

As he commented, “all Cypriots, irrespective of their background, are not children of a lesser God” and they want “nothing more and nothing less than what other freedom-loving people enjoy”, concluding that “what is good for the rest of the 27 EU member countries would certainly be good for the 28th.”.

The Famagusta Association President Vassilis Mavrou called upon the UK Government to adopt a more “proactive” role and to exercise its right as guarantor power in order to “assist in the removal of the illegal military occupation of the northern part of Cyprus.” He stressed that the return of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants would be a confidence building measure that would facilitate a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus.

Article written by CNA

Uefa Europa League Results

Thursday 20/10/2016

Olympiacos 4-1 Astana

Figueiras 25
T. Elyounoussi 33
Sebá 34, 65

Kabananga 54 (Astana)

Young Boys 3-1 APOEL

Hoarau 18, 52, 82 (P)

Efrem 14 (Apoel)

Standard Liège 2-2 Panathinaikos

Edmilson Junior 45+1 (P)       
Belfodil 82

Ibarbo 12, 36 (Panathinaikos)

Qarabağ 2-0 PAOK

Dani Quintana 56
Amirguliyev 87

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Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras said Friday the argument against the continuation of the system of guarantees in Cyprus was met with understanding on the part of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande, during separate meetings they held in Brussels.

Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras

Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras

Speaking after the conclusion of the European Council, Tsipras said that “I discussed the issue with President François Hollande and Angela Merkel, and met absolute understanding”. He went on to say that a viable solution to the problem can not provide for the presence of Turkish troops on the island.

In response to a question by CNA, Tsipras also reiterated the Greek position, that the framework of guarantees in Cyprus is anachronistic and needs to be abolished.

According to the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee, Greece was one of the guarantor powers in Cyprus, the other two being Turkey and the UK.

The Greek Premier added that he had a positive conversation with the British Prime Minister Theresa May, who told him that her country will not request guarantor rights, if the issue is not raised by other parties.

Speaking on the issue of migration, Tsipras expressed satisfaction over Council conclusions, that target smugglers and aim to substitute illegal flows with legal ones. He was firm, however, on the issue of visa liberalization for Turkish citizens, which he said will happen only through the implementation of all criteria by Ankara, with no exception for any member state, including Cyprus.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974, when Turkish troops invaded and occupied its northern third. Peace talks are currently underway to find a negotiated settlement that will reunite the country, under a federal roof.

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