Pantelis Pantelidis passed away tragically on 18th February 2016 and since his death his fans have not stopped requesting his back-catalogue of tunes on the LGR air-waves. The listeners are making his musical legacy stay alive forever.

Since the 28th June, a wonderful and very emotional tribute song composed and released by Stavros Konstantinou who is a Cypriot singer/song writer -; the zeimbekiko song, and the lyrics are written by Rafail Efstathiou. The track ‘Sta Asteria Ekane Premiere Afieroma Ston Pantelo‘, since the time of writing has bought over 883,888 YouTube hits.

Stavros Konstantinou is not only singing the song, but telling an emotional story, envisioning a scene of Pantelis Pantelidis singing to the angels in Heaven. The lyrics of this song paint a picture of enormous depth and one can almost see and hear him performing his immutable bouzoukia amongst the stars… ‘ekei psila gia panta’ the verses are saying in Heaven… surely the angels have gained a very soulful Laiko singer who will be entertaining and captivating in eternity, and his fans are playing his songs continuously.

The reaction to his songs from our loyal listeners has been extremely positive making this song an instant hit according to the amount of emails posted to the London Greek Radio’s in-box, non-stop phone-calls, tweets and Facebook all obviously agreeing with us about the song being an exceptional, honest and genuine tribute.

I’m sure you have heard it many times before and like myself, cannot hear it enough, and so here I have written the lyrics for you to read. The melody will play in the depth of your heart.

Kleisan apopse oi Aggelou, prwto trapezi pista,
Na akousoun ithelan ki autoi, auton ton neo artista

Gia agapes pou exoune xathei, ergrafe sto xarti tou,
ta logia pou tragoudiaei vgainan ap’ tin psixi tou…

Ena vari Zeimbekiko, ston Xaronta xoreuei
kai me ta xeria anoixta, apo psila mas vlepei…
Giato ki apopse o ‘Arxontas den tha ‘nai sto sanidi,
ton zilepsan oi Aggeloi kai thelan Pantelidi…

H mana tou, tou fonaze: ”Gyrna paidi mou piso”
Tis eipa: Mana den mporw angelous na lipisw

Xwris esena perasan oi mines me akoma,
pote mou den katalava, pws vrethikes sto xoma.

Article written by Tony Neophytou