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About LGR

London Greek Radio 103.3FM is the only Radio Broadcaster in Europe to air in both Greek and English 24/7 and it is one of the UK’s first ethnic radio stations; one of only four licensed.

LGR first joined the airwaves as a pirate in October 1983, it became licensed in November 1989 and in May 1994 LGR’s license was renewed and extended to broadcast 24 hours a day seven days a week to the greater area of the capital from it’s North London studios.

LGR’s primary aim is to preserve the Greek/Cypriot culture and national heritage as well as unite London’s 400,000 strong Greek community.

LGR’s success stems from its established and varied audience base which includes listeners from the Italian, Spanish, Arab, Jewish, Armenian, Russian and Turkish Cypriot communities.

London Greek Radio continue to expand its frontier, a team of dedicated and professional people work hard to safeguard the station’s continuing success. The wide variety of programmes are designed to appeal to all age groups while catering for the exciting lifestyle of one of the most prosperous communities in London.

Except Greek musical programmes, LGR’s dynamic format is punctuated with local, national and international news alongside a variety of special features which target different age groups. LGR’s website reaches new audience and supports its expansion globally.

News Bulletin Schedule

LGR has news bulletins hourly, including local news provision hourly during peak hours on weekdays and weekends.

Recent News Stories

Our recent news stories are available here.

The News Team

Head of News: Tony Jay (

Telephone: 020 8349 6950

Programme Schedule

Our schedule is available on the website.

Live Programming

LGR has live programming between the hours of 7am and 10pm, Monday-Friday, and 7am-5pm Saturday-Sunday. There may be some periodic exceptions to this.

Local Programming

All programmes are produced and broadcast from our studios in North London.

Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Ofcom, the government regulator with responsibilities for local radio, has produced localness guidelines that this station adheres to. These guidelines can be read here:

In addition, all local radio stations have written ‘formats’ that they must follow at all times. You can read ours here.

Station Contact Details

020 8349 6950

020 8346 3345

(For Song Requests)

020 8349 6950



N12 0AP

Events/Charities support or coverage

LGR provides support to charities and non-profits in the region, by means of on-air coverage, event support, and promotion. Local organisations can contact us, via our reception, for support.

Station playlist

Mixture of contemporary English and Greek adult hit radio.

Station Format

A targeted news, information, and broad Greek Music Service for London’s Greek and Greek Cypriot Community.

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