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Article written by London Greek Radio

Greece has confirmed that Yianna Terzi will be their representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest taken place in Portugal in May.

The Greek broadcaster ERT confirmed the details in an official statement on 16th February, putting an end to weeks of ‘drama and suspense’ about this year’s entrant.

The mid-tempo modern Laiko ballad called, ‘Oneiro Mou’ (My Dream), is sung in Greek, with strong ethnic elements and a polyphonic chorus.

It successfully combines both a traditional orchestral sound with modern production and is a catchy atmospheric song. The melody adds a mysterious feel and it’s authentically incredible Greek bridge part has a lot of punch, with toumperleki and clarinet riffs, adding to the song’s atmosphere.

Yianna co-wrote the lyrics and music with Aris Kalimeris, Mixalis Papathanasiou, and Dimitris Stamatiou. The tune is not without original concept, as it’s fervently patriotic involving a feeling of ethnic-identity.

The verses and chorus also intriguingly are said to be an intimate conversation between ‘the people and the country’. It’s a touching song which, through its deep lyrics, pronounces steadfast loyalty and strength of character.

One of the song’s lyrics includes the line, “No matter how much I ache… I wouldn’t strike you off the map”, as Yianna puts it.

Yianna was born in Thessaloniki and is the daughter of acclaimed Greek singer Paschalis Terzis. When asked what her dad thought of the tune, Yianna said, “Well, he was absolutely thrilled when he heard it because it’s a good song.”

Yianna, who will be 38 by the time of the contest in May, began her music career in 2005 and has released two albums ‘Gyrna To Klidi’ in 2006 and ‘Ase Ne Na Taxidepso’ in 2008.

She is best known for her singles ‘Tetoia Gynaika’, ‘Pou Kai Pou’, ‘O Aggelos Mou’, Gianna ft. Nevma with ‘Exw Ponesei Gi’auti’.

Yianna relocated from Greece to the United States five years ago in order to develop her music career.

She released her first English-language single ‘Love Is Your Name’ under the name Yianna in 2012, which started bubbling in the underground clubs of New York City.

Greece will compete in the First Eurovision Semi-Final which airs on Tuesday 8th May on BBC Four. The Final takes place on Saturday 10th May on BBC One.

And Greece’s chances of qualifying for the final were given a boost on January 29th as it was revealed the UK and Cyprus would vote in our semi-final.

Their juries have a history of giving Greeks generous marks.

London Greek Radio wish Yianna Terzi the very best of luck in the competition.

Check out the official lyrics video to Yianna Terzis with ‘Oneiro Mou’ track here:

Article written by Tony Neophytou

Cyprus has confirmed that Greek star Eleni Foureira will be the Cypriot representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest held in Portugal.

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC made the official announcement and the title of her entry ‘Fuego’ (Spanish for “It’s Fire”), is written by Alex Papaconstantinou, or Alex P, a Greek-Swedish producer, well-known in Eurovision circles.

The up-tempo Eurovision track has a distinctive, maybe even innovative, ethnic feel with it sometimes being referred to as “ethno upbeat”.

It is a modern pop song that embellishes the instrument of the clarinet or ‘klarino’ as a familiar ethnicity trait in Greek, as well as Mediterranean music.

CyBC chiefs felt that the Albanian-born singer was right for this year’s contest as the upbeat song compliments Eleni as a singer and dancer.

Eleni, who will be 31 by the time of the contest in May, began her music career in 2007 as a member of the Greek girl group Mystique, before pursuing a solo career after the group disbanded in 2009. She is charismatic, who’s stage-skills are expected to “attack” the Cypriot entry effectively which will no doubt, help this upbeat song.

The staging of the entry has been assigned to the internationally acclaimed artistic director and choreographer Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who has extensive experience at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Cypriot bosses had ditched ideas of a Cypriot sing-off to find their entry’s hopeful and instead made the offer to Eleni’s Panik Records, therefore, internally selecting her for it.

In a statement, the singer said she felt incredibly honoured to sing for Cyprus and is hoping to set the leader board on fire, with her catchy track.

”I would like to say a big thank you to CyBC and all the Cypriot people, for giving me this opportunity. It is a great honour for me to represent this wonderful country which has supported me that much for all of these years.

She added, “My Eurovision song is called Fuego. It is written in English; only its title is Spanish. I am very glad that Alex has composed such a great song. This has actually been the reason for my positive answer to this Eurovision invitation. My promise is that I will do my best.”

Eleni was born in Fier, Albania and is a Greek artist of Albanian origin. She has lived in Greece from a very young age when her family settled in Kallithea, Athens.

Her back-catalogue of successful London Greek Radio hits have included her current hit ‘Vasilissa’, along with ‘To Kati’, ‘Ase Me’, ‘Chica Bomb’, ‘Reggaeton’, ‘To Party De Stamata’, ‘Ston Erota Tin Trela’, ‘Fotia ft. Nevma’, ‘Pio Erota Pethaineis’, ‘Rantevou Stin Paralia’, ‘Anemos Agapis’, ‘Pio Dinata’, ‘Ti Koitas’, and ‘2018 S’agapo’.

Eleni has always desired to be at Eurovision, revealing that it has always been a childhood dream of hers.

In 2016 she proposed ‘Ti Koitas (Come Tiki Tam)’ to the Greek national broadcaster ERT, but they refused it. Greece failed to qualify for the final for the first time that year with Argo.

Eleni almost made it to Eurovision in 2010, when she competed in the 2010 ‘Ethniko Teliko’ with ‘Kivotos Tou Noe’. While she missed out by coming second place, it did not diminish her Eurovision goal, which is lucky for Cyprus as she’s tipped to have a “killer track.”

In the last few years, Eleni has released four successful studio albums and multiple singles. One of those hits was ‘Sto Theo Me Paei’, a Greek cover of the 2015 Eurovision entry of Israel ‘Golden Boy’ by Nadar Guedj.

More recently she has released singles in both Greek and English and in 2017 scored a new international hit with the song ‘Send For Me’, a collaboration with successful producer and rapper A.M. SNiPE.

‘Fuego’ will be released in the coming weeks, with no official date set yet.

The LGR website will have the song on its release date in the weeks leading up to the competition.

The Cypriot delegation will be quietly optimistic about their qualifying chances for a fourth year, following the recent successes by Minus One, John Karayiannis and Hovig.

Cyprus competes in the First Eurovision Semi-Final which airs on Tuesday 8th May, on BBC Four. The Top 10 countries to qualify are assured a place in the final on Saturday 12th May, on BBC One.

London Greek Radio wish Eleni Foureira and the Cypriot delegation the very best of luck in the competition.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

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Article written by London Greek Radio

Mr Nicos Anastasiades was re-elected President of the Republic of Cyprus, this evening, following the second round of the Presidential Election. Mr Anastasiades won with 56% of the votes against independent candidate Mr Stavros Malas who won 44% of the votes.

Speaking after the result was announced, the President of the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, Mr Christos Karaolis, said on behalf of the Federation that, ”the people of Cyprus have voted in a free and fair election and have chosen Mr Anastasiades to serve as President for the next 5 years. The Federation will unite behind Mr Anastasiades and work very closely with him to achieve our common aims of a free, united Cyprus; the end of Turkish occupation; the right of return of refugees; the determination of the fate of the missing person; and to improve the lives of all Cypriots. We also look forward to welcoming him to London in the coming months to, once again, visit the UK Cypriot community.”

Mr Anastasiades has made it his priority to return to negotiations as soon as possible in order to reunify the island of Cyprus with a just and viable solution that is based on the United Nations Secretary General’s framework, and that is in line with relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions and High-Level Agreements. The reunification of Cyprus will bring peace and prosperity to Greek, Turkish, Maronite, Armenian and Latin Cypriots and have major benefits for the entire island.

In his acceptance speech, President Anastasiades thanked all Cypriots who participated in the election, whether they voted for him or not, saying that ”tonight there no winners and losers. From tomorrow, we must all unite to address the economic and social problems faced by Cypriots, young and old”. He went on to say that ”above all, we must continue, united, to address the problem of occupation that our country faces. We need a solution that does not disregard the concerns of the Greek Cypriots or the sensitivities of Turkish Cypriots.

The new Government of the Republic of Cyprus, led by Mr Anastasiades, will take office on 1 March 2018.

Profile: Nicos Anastasiades

  • Born in Limassol in 1946.

  • Studied Law at the University of Athens and completed postgraduate studies in Shipping Law at University College London.

  • Was first elected as a Member of Parliament for Limassol in 1981 and leader of political party DISY from 1997 until 2013.

  • He was first elected President of the Republic of Cyprus in 2013.

Article written by National Federation of Cypriots in the UK