On Sunday the 11th of October 2015, Prive Productions present Panos Kiamos live in London.

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Location: The Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road, NW5 1JY London, United Kingdom

Panos Kiamos

Panos Kiamos

About The Singer:

Panos Kiamos (Πάνος Κιάμος) is a Greek ”laiko”/pop singer, known for his distinctive voice and onstage energy. Kiamos was born in Athens on October 4th 1975 and spent the rest of his adolescent life in the capital. In 1994, at the age of 18, he passed the entry exams for medical school. However, it was around the same time that he discovered his interest in music, leading to his decision to reject the medical school’s offer of a scholarship. He began to learn to play the guitar, and took up music theory lessons. His talents were soon discovered and he began making appearances in the major nightclubs alongside prestigious names in the Greek music scene.

In 2002, Kiamos made significant progress, with his songs ‘Alithina’ and ‘Arketa’ from the album ‘Tis Nyhtas Oniro’ became notably popular, and as a result Kiamos’ stock rose considerably. The release ‘To Yelio Sou Klei’ followed a year later; by this stage, he had become a household name and had gained a reputation for his on-stage energy and enthusiasm.

Since March 2010, he has performed at the Posidonio Music Hall, being the only singer who is able to fill the club four times every week. In April 2011, he released the album ‘Olokainourgios’ featuring the smash hit ‘Apo deutera’. Kiamos is a very popular and loved Greek singer, because of his down to earth attitude and his friendly relationship with his audience.

In January 2012, Panos completed his first North American tour which was sell-out success. He then went on that year to tour Australia and Germany. In March 2012, his song ‘Krystalla’ became an overnight success, followed up by the summer hit ‘To Aima Mou Piso’.

For the past couple of years, Panos has held the residency at Club 22 Live Stage in Athens, packing them in, night after night.

Article written by London Greek Radio

Cyprus favours a solution to keep Greece in the eurozone, Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides has told CNA, stressing that Finance Minister Harris Georgiades supported the Greek government`s position to restructure its debt at the Eurogroup meeting on Saturday.

Cyprus' Presidential Mansion

Cyprus’ Presidential Mansion

He had been asked on Saturday evening by CNA to comment of a Eurogroup decision on Greece.

“The Cypriot government, the President of the Republic at the European Council and the Finance Minister at the Eurogroup meeting argued for the need to find a solution in order for Greece to remain in the eurozone”, Christodoulides told CNA on Saturday night, commenting on the Eurogroups decision on Greece.

The Finance Minister, he said replying to questions, made a special intervention in support of the Greek government`s position to restructuring its debt.

In its decision, Eurogroup said that it “recalls the significant financial transfers and support provided to Greece over the last years. The Eurogroup has been open until the very last moment to further support the Greek people through a continued growth-oriented programme.”

“The Eurogroup takes note of the decision of the Greek government to put forward a proposal to call for a referendum, which is expected to take place on Sunday July 5, which is after the expiration of the programme period. The current financial assistance arrangement with Greece will expire on 30 June 2015, as well as all agreements related to the current Greek programme including the transfer by euro area Member States of SMP and ANFA equivalent profits. The euro area authorities stand ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure financial stability of the euro area.”

Article written by CNA

The leaders of the two communities in Cyprus, President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, will hold a new meeting on Monday, in the framework of the UN- led Cyprus talks.

T/C Leader Mustafa Akinci (L)-Esper Barth Eide(M)-Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades

T/C Leader Mustafa Akinci (L)-Esper Barth Eide(M)-Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades

UNSG`s Special Advisor for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide will participate “facilitating the leaders’ meeting, as the leaders progress in the ongoing substantive negotiations on all unresolved core issues”, a press release by UNFICYP said.

In a statement after their previous meeting on the 17th of June, Eide had said that “with strong determination, and driven by their joint commitment,” the two leaders “pursued their goal of reaching a comprehensive settlement as soon as possible.”

He added that “upon completing the baseline assessment, the leaders are now entering into substantive negotiations on unresolved core issues. The leaders agreed that these negotiations will be the centerpiece of their work from now on and that they will be dealt with in a holistic and interdependent manner”.

Therefore, he added, “Mr. Anastasiades and Mr. Akıncı have tasked their negotiators to focus their work on a specific set of core issues across chapters. They will work intensively on this task and report back to the next leaders’ meeting to be held on 29 June 2015.”

Eide said that the leaders also reviewed the implementation of those confidence building measures that were previously announced and that Akıncı and Anastasiades continued their work on further confidence-building measures in parallel to the negotiation process.

Eide will remain in Cyprus until Thursday, July 2, to continue his contacts with key interlocutors. In the course of his stay on the island, he will also chair the joint negotiators’ meetings which will be held following the leaders’ meeting.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied 37% of its territory. UN-led talks, aiming to reunite the island under a federal roof, resumed on May 15, this year.

Article written by CNA
Argiro The Seal

Argiro The Seal

Argiro, the seal who thinks she’s a human, has been threatened by a French tourist.

Monk Seals are usually shy but not in the case of Argiro, the most sociable seal alive who definitely sees herself as a human being.

Last week Argiro made her appearance on the Greek island Samos and quickly became an internet sensation.

Tourists and locals started taking photos of her and sharing them on their social media; her photo was trending on Facebook and the sweet monk seal quickly became an attraction of the island.

Local fishermen named the seal Argiro and are reportedly very protective of her. The friendly seal didn’t seem to mind that she became a celebrity and was even spotted posing for pictures while sunbathing amongst the tourists. The video’s that have circulated online unveil that the bold monk is completely unafraid of the humans and in fact, likes to interact with them.

Argiro The Seal

Argiro The Seal

Yet, just a couple of days ago, shocking news was published in the website zoosos.gr that a French tourist was insulted by the presence of the seal and complained to the locals about it. It is rumoured that swimmers heard him claiming it would be better if someone would shoot the harmless animal. Naturally, appalled tourists and locals warned him to stay away from Argiro since she’s a protected species.

According to specialists, the case of Argiro is quite rare and if you ever see a seal while you are swimming you should better not try to approach it. These animals belong in the wild and are usually quite timid. We are the biggest threat for monk seals so we should respect and protect them, especially Argiro since she does not even judge the tourists that pose in photos with her, while wearing neon speedos.

There are only 450 monk seals worldwide and Argiro’s harmless coexistence is creating awareness for the issue. The battle for the defence of the wildlife should be everyone’s responsibility.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou

The negotiators of the two communities in Cyprus continue on Friday their discussion in the framework of the resumed UN – led peace talks.


Greek Cypriot negotiation Andreas Mavroyiannis and Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ozdil Nami began their meeting this morning continuing the discussion on issues of substance according to the guidelines they received by the leaders of the two communities on the island, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

Last week, President Anastasiades said that the two negotiators “have done a great job in identifying convergences and divergences on all issues”.

This, he noted, allows him and Akinci “to give further instructions for processing based on the interconnected negotiation of chapters, so that on the 29th of June we actually enter into a substantive negotiation on the chapters that will be before us”.

It is recalled that UN SG`s Special Advisor for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide was present in the negotiators` meeting on the 19th of June. In a twitter message after the meeting Eide wrote that he is “impressed by how the two Cyprus negotiation teams, led by Nami and Mavroyiannis demonstrate courage, creativity, and mutual respect”.

The next meeting of the two leaders will take place on the 29th of June. UN SG`s Special Advisor will also be present at that meeting.

The Republic of Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkey invaded and since then occupies 37% of this Mediterranean EU island`s territory. UN-led talks, aiming to reunite the island under a federal roof, resumed on May 15, this year.

Article written by CNA


Tamta goes American Horror Story with her new video and we absolutely love it!

The story begins inside the dark filthy rooms of a hospital where Tamta is using young males as guinea pigs to test her poison.

The singer chose a dramatic vintage look with pin curls and a bold berry-red lipstick to recreate the black-widow look. She shows off her fit figure with revealing beige lingerie and she seems determined to kill all these helpless men in order to discover  the secret for the elixir of eternal love.

The video is directed by Apollonas Papatheoharis and it is inspired by the famous series American Horror Story.

The second season of the American TV program was called Asylum and portrayed the tortured lives of patients inside the mental institution at the hands of doctors. The dirty brick walls and the abused male bodies exposed the inspiration for the video. The video is different and interesting and the song is expected to be a big hit in many European countries this summer.

Watch the official music video here:

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou
Night Tube

Night Tube

The night tube for London is soon to be a reality. Transport for London revealed the new map and announced that in less than 3 months the residents of the capital will have the chance to use the fastest way of transport during the weekends after midnight.

The introduction of the late-night underground journeys is going to be the starting point to broaden the services that the tube is providing and expand the network from 2017.

Although the all night services is announced to begin from the 12th of September the recent backlash from the tube staff creates doubts on whether the plan is going to remain the same.

According to BBC the members of union Aslef are planning to be on a 24 hour strike on the 8th of July. The reasons for the strike include complains about working conditions and salaries.

District organiser Finn Brennan said drivers would have to work unlimited night shifts for no extra pay. “It’s easy enough to produce a map, but if London Underground management want to have an all-night service in September, then they need to sit down and negotiate a fair deal for the staff they expect to provide it,” he said.

The men and women that are going to drive overnight want to negotiate for a fair deal since 97% of them voted in favour for a strike.

“Aslef aren’t opposed to all-night services but they have to be introduced in a way that is fair and protects the work-life balance of the hard working staff.” He added.

The new map and schedule is expected to make life for Londoners easier and support Central London’s economy as it will boost it by £360m creating around 2,000 jobs.

The new service will operate every Friday and Saturday night from the following lines:

  • Central line: Trains will run between Ealing Broadway, Hainault and Loughton, but will not extend to the West Ruislip branch
  • Jubilee line: Trains will run on the entire line
  • Northern line: Trains will run on the entire line except on the Mill Hill East and Bank branches
  • Piccadilly line: Trains will run between Cockfosters and Heathrow Terminal Five
  • Victoria line: Trains will run on the entire line
  • Night Tube trains are scheduled to run every 10 minutes except on the Northern Line, where they are scheduled to run at seven-and-a-half minute intervals.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou
Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis has just released his new official music video for the song ‘Pes To Nai’. After three intense days of shooting with Kostas Kapetanidis in the Ionian Island Zante, the result is magnificent.

The majority of the video was shot on the famous Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach). Kostas had an interview today in which he was asked about his new video. He jokingly mentioned that he got really upset when the director wanted him to stand closer to the edge of the cliff so they could get a breath-taking frame of Martakis over the shipwreck.

He also commented on his latest transition from pop to the more laiko style of his songs.

Although the Kostas confirmed that he is still going to perform pop song, he feels he needs to have a slight change in career path and that includes music style. When asked if he is anxious about this musical transition he responded with certainty that he is confident with his new path because he loves laiko as much as he loves pop.  ‘I can’t please everyone’ said the popular Greek singer in order to defend his decision. Though the song ‘Pes To Nai’ seems to be closer to the dance genre rather than laiko.

Music style aside, we couldn’t help but notice that Kostas, the Greek with the baby blue eyes, looks more handsome and radiant than ever in his latest music video.

Watch the official video to ‘Pes To Nai’ here:

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras left talks at the European Commission with representatives of the institutions shortly after 1 a.m. on Thursday with no agreement between the Greek delegation and lenders.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (R)-Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (L)

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (R)-Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (L)

Technical talks are due to continue at 6 a.m. Brussels time, while Tsipras will meet again with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde and European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi at 9 a.m.

The Eurogroup, which held an inconclusive session on Wednesday evening, is due to meet again at 1 p.m. on Thursday. It has been suggested that an agreement will need to be in place ahead of that so eurozone finance ministers will have time to assess it.

Article written by ekathemerini
Michelle Obama wearing a dress by Mary Katrantzou.

Michelle Obama wearing a dress by Mary Katrantzou.

Michelle Obama just visited East London as part of her European tour.

For the last 2 years she has been making transatlantic trips. This time she arrived in the UK to promote the initiative Let Girls Learn with her two daughters Malia and Sasha.

The first lady chose to wear a very stylish paisley print dress by the Greek designer Mary Katrantzou.

The Athenian designer who currently lives in London and is known for her bold prints and unique style Instagramed a photo of the First Lady with the caption: “Michelle Obama wears custom Pre Fall 2015 in London today as part of her #LETGIRLSLEARN campaign #FirstLady#MulberrySchoolforGirls”

Michelle has received very positive feedback for her wardrobe choice and is undoubtedly a fashion icon for her two daughters and the rest of us.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou