Cypriot leukaemia sufferers have 20% chance of a donor match help improve the odds for Stella.

Before Christmas, an urgent bone marrow appeal was launched for Stella Charalambous, a 45-year-old mother of one who has leukaemia. Among those spearheading the campaign to find her a blood donor match is her friend of 34 years, Naz Hassan.

The two, pictured above with another close friend Tina Agsti, are originally from North London, and while Stella and her family now live in Cyprus, the ladies have remained in close contact.

Stella’s appeal for a donor was initiated by Tina, who teamed up with Androulla Stylianou, head of the UK-based Leukaemia Cancer Society (020 8374 4821), a vital support organisation for numerous Greek and Turkish Cypriots seeking blood donors.

Stella’s friends quickly rallied round, sharing details of the appeal online and with ethnic community media. They have also distributed flyers and posters in North London, where there is a large Cypriot community, in a bid to drive up registration numbers and help find a donor for their seriously ill friend.

Their appeal is supported by British blood charity DKMS, which can arrange a mass swab testing session for groups, or they can send a special kit home for people to do their own swab test.

Currently, the odds of finding a match for Cypriots, whether Greek or Turkish, is very low due to the small number of people from both communities being registered on the global blood register. The two communities share similar genetic codes, making them highly suitable for blood donor matches.

“As a community, we need to pull together. People shouldn’t just read and ignore this appeal. We really have to help each other, as this illness can strike any of us at any age. So please take the (swab) test – your blood could potentially save a life,” urged Ms Hassan.

To help improve the odds of survival for blood cancer patients of Cypriot, Turkish, and Middle Eastern heritage, simply register online at for a cheek swab kit. It’s open to all UK residents who are healthy and aged between 17- 55 years of age.

The swab test itself is a painless, 30-second procedure. You use a cotton bud to rub on the inside of your cheek, which is returned to DKMS in a sealed bag. Its labs will do the necessary tests and add your details to the UK blood register, which is accessible to other blood charities worldwide. You only need to do the test once and it will cover you until you reach 55.

Where a match is generated, the process for donating stem cells is far easier and less invasive than previously, and there are no known health risks. You simply give blood, which is used for stem cell treatment of the patient with blood cancer.

The Leukaemia Cancer Society, Tel: 020 8374 4821.

Article written by London Greek Radio

Top 40 London Greek Radio ‘Airplay Chart’

January 04 to January 31, 2020

The LGR Airplay Chart this month. 

The biggest, most in demand hit songs in the Chart.

The rankings are based on radio airplay detection as measured by the official ‘UK Airplay Chart’.

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1 Christina Salti, Ilias Vrettos – Taxidi Magiko
2 Ilias Kampakakis – Se Synantisa
3 Josephine – Den Echo Sima
4 Christos Mastoras, Dimitris Basis – Ena Lepto
5 Nikiforos – Ta Leme To Vradi
6 Ivi Adamou feat. Konnie Metaxa – Pao
7 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Val’to Terma
8 Giorgos Livanis, Areti Ketime – Ela Apopse
9 Anastasios Rammos – Se Dyo Mono Matia
10 Melina Aslanidou – I Efchi

11 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Vale Ena Kafe
12 Nikos Kourkoulis – Eline Kai Edene
13 Peggy Zina – Mesa Mou Kati Egine
14 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Kathimerina
15 Christos Cholidis – Pali Sto Spiti Mou Charamata
16 Nikos Vertis – Allaxa
17 Apostolia Zoi, Nino – Esy
18 Panos Kiamos – Mou Stoichizei
19 Despina Vandi – Esto Ligo Akoma
20 Themis Adamantidis – Stin Kardia

21 Elli Kokkinou – Taxe Mou
22 Onirama – Pou Isoun Chtes
23 Natasa Theodoridou – Chartopolemos
24 Paola – Katastrofi
25 Andromachi – Na ‘soun Psema
26 Christos Menidiatis – Paratise Ta Ola
27 Stelios Rokkos – Makari
28 Eirini Papadopoulou – Koita Min Aggizeis
29 Giannis Vardis, Giorgos Lianos – Emeis I Dio
30 Thodoris Ferris – Zise Ti Stigm

31 Petros Iakovidis – Fovamai
32 Giorgos Sabanis – Allaxe Ta Ola
33 Amaryllis – Matado
34 Konstantinos Argiros – Poso
35 Christos Menidiatis – Stin Avli Tis
36 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – De S’ agapao
37 Kelly Kelekidou – Gia Hari Sou
38 SNIK x Tamta – Senorita
39 Konstantinos Argiros – Ta Matia Sou Eroteftika
40 Thanos Petrelis – Pao Diakopes, Ta Leme

Celebrating Greek music and creativity on the air-waves

Source: London Greek Radio, Official UK Airplay Chart
January 4th to 31st 2020 inclusive

Article written by London Greek Radio