Another Excuse To Party

On Friday 20th February, LGR Club Nights present “ANOTHER EXCUSE TO PARTY” @ The Maze Inn!

We’ll be mixing all the best Greek & English hits with DJ Sooty and Andreas Demetriou from 9pm till the early morning.

Since the launch of LGR Club Nights in 2012, London Greek Radio have hosted a whole variety of events, from BBQ’s to Single’s Nights and Bouzoukia nights. The plan is simple, to bring our listeners and community together in order to have a good time.

The aim?

One hell of a party.

And so on Friday the 20th February all roads lead to the Maze Inn, for another EPIC Greek night. To check out some of the highlights from our last event click here.

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Article written by Miranda Athanasiou

The Council of Ministers in Nicosia decided on Wednesday to explore the soonest possible the prospects of establishing a new Cypriot private company which will bear the logo and the name of Cyprus Airways, after the airline closed down last Friday, following a European Commission decision ordering it to pay back over €100 million in state aid it had received in previous years.


Deputy Government Spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos said after today’s Cabinet meeting that the goal is to enhance air links between Cyprus and overseas destinations, create new jobs for the former Cyprus Airways employees and use the brand name and logo of Cyprus Airways.

“After this decision we begin the process to find a new investor based in Cyprus so that a new company can operate and adopt the logo and the name of Cyprus Airways”, he added.

Replying to questions, Papadopoulos said that following the decision of the European Commission, no problems have been reported as regards air travel or reservations as it has happened in similar cases in other countries.

On the 9th of January 2015 the European Commission announced that Cyprus Airways would have to pay back over €100 million in state aid it had received in previous years as it gave the company an undue advantage over its competitors in breach of EU rules.

Cypriot Finance Minister Harris Georgiades has said that ailing national air carrier Cyprus Airways will stop its operations since following the European Commission decision the company was “no longer an active economic entity”.

Article written by CNA

The UN Secretary General’s special adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide (pictured) acknowledged Wednesday that President Nicos Anastasiades has made a positive contribution to the efforts for the resumption of the UN-led talks, aiming at reuniting the island, divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion.


The President has suspended his participation to the talks in response to Turkey`s violation of the Republic’s exclusive economic zone, where Cyprus has already licensed drilling.

“I think we should see that a step has been taken by Mr. Anastasiades and that`s something to build further on. I now call on all sides and also the Turkish Cypriot side to recognize this”, he said, adding that these will be issues that he would bring to the Security Council`s attention in a week and a half.

He explained that until recently there was no agreement on whether hydrocarbons should be discussed as part of the negotiations and Anastasiades has made a constructive contribution saying that towards the end of the negotiations all issues will be on the table.

Eide expressed also his increased concern because as he said “things are not moving and I`m afraid that as they are not moving they are de facto moving in the wrong direction”.

Saying that the two leaders are strongly arguing in favour of return to the talks, he added that the problem is that they have not been able to sort out the factors in the right order so that the talks can actually start.

The UN special envoy said also that it is a sad paradox that there is much more agreement on the future, something that prevents the sides to actually moving towards the future over which there is quite a lot of agreement, particularly on the issue of hydrocarbons where the issues of federal competence and share revenues was already established.

“But despite of that, we are seeing a prolonged crisis over hydrocarbons which serves no one and which takes us nowhere”, he said.

The UN envoy expressed regret that “we were not able to use the small window of opportunity that we have, when there was no drilling and no NAVTEX at the same time” due to a number of factors
that made this impossible, adding however that he would not give up.

He added that the difference on the issue of hydrocarbons is so deep that it prevents any direct talks about anything, saying that this is highly unfortunate. Eide said that there are other issues in which the disagreement is much higher than hydrocarbons, because there is already agreement on the issue and the leaders keep reiterating that hydrocarbons belong to all Cypriots and will be shared on basis of existing agreements between Talat – Chrisofias and Anastasiades – Eroglu.

“These issues would actually not be problematic in the table if we were there”, he said, adding that issues of property and territory are more difficult.

On the 26th of January, Eide will brief the Security Council in New York on the Cyrpus issue, and as he said “I will give as honest and genuine representation of what is going on here”. He added that he would urge cooperation from not only the sides in Cyprus but all other states to help to create the conditions necessary for a speedy resumption of talks.

Eide said that there`s no purpose of just talking, but there`s a need for the resumption of the talks with the purpose of actually getting somewhere and talked about the need for a structured agreement for the talks process within a time line that would allow him to go back to the Council a second time and make observations about “how well we are doing and how we find a solution”.

Turkey issued in October last year a Navtex for illegal seismic research in Cyprus` offshore Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). After this provocative move, President Anastasiades decided to suspend his participation in the UN-led peace talks until the Turkish seismic vessel Barbaros leaves Cyprus` EEZ.

Turkey, whose troops occupy Cyprus’ northern part since they invaded in 1974, does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, in spite of numerous calls by the EU, which Ankara aspires to join, to do so and normalize relations with Nicosia.

Article written by CNA

St Andrew the Apostle School celebrated Theophany and the start of the new term with a special assembly led by school chaplains, Fr Damian Konstantinou and Fr John Hookway.


After a reminder of the significance of the Great Feast, students and staff joined in the prayers. They were then blessed with Holy Water by Fr Damian.

Headteacher Robert Ahearn said: “We are so grateful for the continuing support of the Greek Orthodox Church. We were very blessed by our chaplains and the way students are taking such an active interest in their faith. We’re really looking forward to the new term.”

Article written by LGR

An artificial reef, to be constructed by Larnaca Tourism Development & Promotion Company in the town`s coastal areas, will take the form of a great historic battle.

Handout photos of coral reef in Apo Island in Philippines

According to CNA sources, the company`s plans, which are being prepared in cooperation with an expert, will be submitted soon to the Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment Ministry to request funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

So far three regions in Larnaca are claiming the creation of this unique project for Cyprus. They are Pyla – Oroklini area, the Kastella area and an area in front of Larnaca International Airport.

The main criteria for selecting the site will be based on various parameters such as accessibility, water purity and cost, which is estimated to be very high since the creation of an artificial reef does not merely include the sinking of an old ship.

The materials that will be used for the construction of the project should aim to reinforce the seabed`s diversity and upgrade the diving tourism product.

Article written by CNA

As the UN Secretary-General`s Special Adviser on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide is expected to wrap up his meetings in Cyprus today, Turkish journalists have shown interest if the UN Secretary General`s report on Cyprus, which was unofficially given to members of the Security Council, will become an official document.


During Tuesday`s press briefing the UNSG`s Deputy spokesman Farhaq Haq told reporters that the UNFICYP report, is scheduled to be presented to the Security Council but he did not think it is a public document yet “but hopefully that will happen fairly shortly”.

Asked about Eide`s visit to Cyprus, Haq said he will give more information if he receives updates once Eide meets with the two leaders.

Eide who is currently on the island, is scheduled to meet President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday he had a meeting in the Turkish occupied north with Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu.

The purpose of Eide`s visit is to ascertain directly from the leaders their views on the current impasse in the talks and prospects for its resolution. The deadlock comes after Turkey`s decision to extend its Navtex notification in Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone for illegal exploration for hydrocarbon reserves until the 6th of April 2015.

The Special Adviser also plans to use the trip to prepare his briefing to the Security Council, scheduled on 26 January, in view of the renewal of the UNFICYP`s mandate which expires on the 31st of January.

Turkey, whose troops occupy Cyprus’ northern part since they invaded in 1974, does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, in spite of numerous calls by the EU, which Ankara aspires to join, to do so and normalize relations with Nicosia.

Article written by CNA

Social Democratic EDEK President Yiannakis Omirou (pictured) announced on Tuesday that he is resigning from his position.


In statements to the press, Omirou said that he has submitted his resignation in writing to the party`s Deputy President and the members of the political bureau.

He added that the reasons for his decision to step down are outlined in the same letter, which he made public.

In his letter, Omirou says that his decision to step down as party leader is final and refers to an attempt by some to turn him into “a President with a deadline” and “a President under restriction”.

He cites the resignation of Yiannos Efstathiou, the party`s Central Organizing Secretary last week, who in an earlier letter had asked Omirou not to run again in parliamentary elections in 2016 and also not to seek reelection to the party leadership.

Omirou notes in his letter that some “have orchestrated this worthless blackmail” and chose to torpedo the party`s prospects. He referred to rumors, personal agendas and an attempt to undermine him which took place during the last few months.

In his statements, Omirou thanked EDEK supporters for their trust in him all these years and said that he will remain in the service of the Cypriot people.

Omirou`s resignation will be discussed on Wednesday afternoon, at a meeting of the party`s political bureau.

Yiannakis Omirou has been at the leadership of EDEK since 2001, when he took over from the party`s founding leader Vassos Lyssarides. In 2011 Omirou was elected President of the House of Representatives.

Article written by CNA

Cypriot Finance Minister Harris Georgiades has said that ailing national air carrier Cyprus Airways will stop its operations since following a European Commission decision for the company to pay back over €100 million of state aid it had received in the past, means that it is “no longer an active economic entity”.

Georgiades was speaking during a joint press conference with Minister of Communications and Works Marios Demetriades.

He also said that following the Commission`s decision the relevant international organisations are expected to rescind its commercial license.

Employees, Georgiades said, will receive the total of salaries due to them and their Provident Fund.

On his part Demetriades said that the country`s connectivity is covered by other airlines operating in Cyprus, adding that steps will be taken immediately towards establishing a new private company bearing the name and logo of Cyprus Airways.


Article written by CNA

Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis (pictured) has said that ENI/KOGAS consortium continues within the set time frame the drilling in the “Amathousa” area in block 9 of Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), noting that the drilling is not affected by Turkey’s violations.


“The drilling actually started on January 1st and is proceeding normally. Drilling is expected to last eighty to ninety days. Right now we are at a very good juncture as far as our planning is concerned”, he said replying to a question.

As regards the Turkish violations, Lakkotrypis said a Turkish warship is observing the area from a distance of five miles, as was the case in a previous drilling in “Onasagoras” block, adding that these violations do not affect the drilling.

Replying to a question, the Minister dismissed the view that the new Turkish illegal maritime order (NAVTEX) has cut off contact between ENI and the Cypriot coast.

The consortium ENI/KOGAS has been awarded exploration licenses in Cyprus` EEZ, namely in Blocks 2,3 and 9. ENI completed 2 seismic surveys, and is planning to drill 6 wells in the coming 18 months.

Article written by CNA

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has made it clear once again that he won`t return to the negotiating table to solve the Cyprus problems as long as the Turkish violation of the sovereignty of the Republic continues.


President Anastasiades said in a written statement that during his today`s meeting with the leaders of the political parties he briefed them in detail about the developments concerning Turkey`s unacceptable violations of the sovereignty rights of the Republic by issuing a NAVTEX.

Nicos Anastasiades reiterated the often- expressed position of the Greek Cypriot side which can be summarized as follows: “As long as the violation of the sovereignty rights of Cyprus continues my participation in the pre-set dialogue to solve the Cyprus problem is impossible”.

He repeated the basic law principle that the natural wealth of the country belongs to the state and that each government has the responsibility for its management for the benefit of all legal residents of the country.

Therefore, he added, actions questioning the sovereignty rights of the Republic under the pretext of protecting the rights of Turkish Cypriots, not only are contrary to international law, but also they are non valid.

“It is as well clear,” he continued, “that the participation of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots in issues related to the management and exploitation of the country`s natural wealth presumes
the solution of the Cyprus problem based on what has hitherto been agreed”.

“It is equally understandable,” the President said, “that all the pending issues which have not been agreed could be discussed during the final stage of negotiations when the Maps concerning the territorial are submitted and the dialogue would be in the final course towards a solution.

In conclusion he reiterated the position “that the natural wealth is the strongest incentiv for a meaningful dialogue, away from any threats or blackmail in order to find as soon as possible a mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem which would benefit both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots but also all the countries in the region, inclusing Turkey.

The issue of a Turkish NAVTEX from October 20 to December 30 reserving a large swathe inside Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for seismic surveys prompted President Anastasiades to suspend his participation in the UN-backed negotiations for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Article written by CNA