Social Democratic EDEK President Yiannakis Omirou (pictured) announced on Tuesday that he is resigning from his position.


In statements to the press, Omirou said that he has submitted his resignation in writing to the party`s Deputy President and the members of the political bureau.

He added that the reasons for his decision to step down are outlined in the same letter, which he made public.

In his letter, Omirou says that his decision to step down as party leader is final and refers to an attempt by some to turn him into “a President with a deadline” and “a President under restriction”.

He cites the resignation of Yiannos Efstathiou, the party`s Central Organizing Secretary last week, who in an earlier letter had asked Omirou not to run again in parliamentary elections in 2016 and also not to seek reelection to the party leadership.

Omirou notes in his letter that some “have orchestrated this worthless blackmail” and chose to torpedo the party`s prospects. He referred to rumors, personal agendas and an attempt to undermine him which took place during the last few months.

In his statements, Omirou thanked EDEK supporters for their trust in him all these years and said that he will remain in the service of the Cypriot people.

Omirou`s resignation will be discussed on Wednesday afternoon, at a meeting of the party`s political bureau.

Yiannakis Omirou has been at the leadership of EDEK since 2001, when he took over from the party`s founding leader Vassos Lyssarides. In 2011 Omirou was elected President of the House of Representatives.

Article written by CNA