On Saturday 3rd October, Prosopa Events presents ‘Guess who’s going to die tonight’ (Μάντεψε ποιος θα πεθάνει απόψε) for two exclusive shows which will take place on Saturday 3rd October at The Mermaid Theatre in London.

The Greek theatre play with iconic actress Katia Dandoulaki is launching the 3rd successful season with a UK première in London. The play is a gripping psychological thriller, promising a night full of mystery.

Based on Robert Thomas’s ‘Trap for the lonely man’, the play was adapted by Mihalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou and revolves around the story of a woman, who rapidly started losing her mind after her husband’s disappearance.

Being the first Greek theatre play of this kind in London, the show is set to be a unique one, suitable for all sorts of ages.

The play

‘Guess who’s going to die tonight’ is a gripping psychological thriller concerning a woman (Kathryn, played by Katia Dandoulaki) whose husband has mysteriously disappeared. Kathryn reports the disappearance to the police, and soon the police inspector (Tasos Kostis) and the chalet owner (Eleni Krita) visit her at the chalet for the investigation purposes.

The routine inspection suddenly turns into a chain of unexpected events when the man claiming to be her husband (Thanos Kalioras) suddenly enters the room! Kathryn is convinced of some sort of conspiracy around her, as the man and various witnesses confirm that he is in fact her husband, but she knows it’s not him! Can the two witnesses (Tzois Evidi & Pantelis Kanarakis) solve the mystery or not?

Kathryn increasingly believes that everyone around her aims to drive her mad for some reason… But why?! Who can guess the finale?

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Article written by London Greek Radio