London Greek Radio (LGR) has recorded a huge increase in listening figures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Along with other local, commercial and BBC stations across the UK, whilst some stations have reported double-digit increases in online listening in recent weeks, LGR has seen our figures more than triple!

London Greek Radio has recorded a significant increase in connected radio listening, with an average increase of 173% with the most notable growth over the Orthodox Easter weekend of 346%.

The figures suggest that people staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic seem to be listening to more radio rather than listening to music apps.

The numbers are from LGR’s online streaming platforms. Some of LGR’s biggest increases have been especially noted across morning and daytime programming – which suggests that people are keeping devices on when they would normally be heading out to work.

Pierre Petrou, Head of Programming for London Greek Radio said: “LGR has been the backbone for our communities for over 30 years and provides companionship and friendship. As a result, solid relationships are formed between the listener and presenter on the radio. During this crisis, our presenters aim to inform, update and entertain.

He added, “We have developed systematic programming which includes regular live updates from Cyprus, Greece and the UK. Understandably, our regular schedule has changed but it seems that people are welcoming this as we are working in partnership with organisations who are providing essential key services to the most vulnerable – from free food packages to ‘a listening ear’.

“We’re also aware that calls, texts and emails have increased, so I think there is a bit of a general rediscovery of radio and how important it can be at times like this.”

Siobhan Kenny, CEO of Radiocentre, the industry body for commercial radio, said: “As the UK acclimatises to a new world of working from home and enforced isolation, radio proves its strength as a hugely valuable source of information, reassurance, company and, most importantly, fun. As one of the most trusted and accessible forms of media, it is perhaps no surprise that so many are tuning in right now.”

Article written by London Greek Radio