London Greek Radio is showing love to all our NHS workers by supporting #ClapForOurCarers this Thursday night.

This is something which affects us all, in London, whole of UK, and the World, the like of which has never been seen ever before.

The spread of coronavirus across the globe has forced us to stop doing things that for so long we’ve taken for granted…

Our favourite sports postponed, the Eurovision Song Contest especially Greek/Cypriot fans, the gigs/concerts of our favourite artists, our favourite restaurants, local businesses and community places, our Greek Orthodox Church services suspended.

We’re being asked to change a lot from our daily routine… social distancing, to self-isolate, in order to save lives.

The NHS heroes on the front-line deserve our recognition. The nurses, doctors, GP’s and carers for their ongoing hard work and fight against the virus. This is only the beginning of what looks set to be a challenging and difficult few months… we here at LGR want them to know, on behalf of you and everybody listening right now – how much they are appreciated… Which is why, this Thursday, we’re coming together, for them.

The hash-tag #ClapForOurCarers has been trending on social media in the last few days – and this Thursday – us here at LGR, along with the wider British public will be taking a minute out to ‘Applaud Our NHS Heroes’.

At 8pm on Thursday night – we’ll stop everything – to take a minute to put our hands together and make some noise for the doctors, nurses, carers, GP’s, pharmacists and all the NHS staff who are working hard to help those affected by coronavirus.

And we want you to join us – so, make sure you’ve got LGR on – this Thursday, at 8pm… turn your radio up and open your windows and front doors, stand on your balcony or in your garden and show your support.

Join us to create a wave of positivity for our friends in the NHS and let’s really make a difference – as we applaud our NHS heroes this Thursday at 8pm on LGR.

Article written by London Greek Radio