London Cypriot singer Kyriacos Georgiou was in Sofia filming his music video of his new hit song, collaborating with Jackpot and Bulgarian singer Maria on the track Sto Poto Mou Rixse Staxti‘. In Bulgarian it’s called ‘Ayde Chao’, and since it was released has notched up a pretty huge number of YouTube hits.

On August 6th he was there for the shooting of his video and worked with Maria to convey the desert-like backdrop to his song. The video has the stamp of the famous Bulgarian director and producer Luydmil Illarionov-Liusu who has been working with Nikos Vertis for the last 5 years.

The project came about by Kyriaco himself after being approached straight after a concert with Despina Vandi in Sofia, in January. He was asked about the possibility of releasing his music in Bulgaria and co-working with one of the country’s big producers and artists. They were asked to make a half Greek-half Bulgarian version of his song, which was already a big hit there, with one of their top singers Maria, who has previously done two duets with the well known Azis and Stan!

The 23 year-old singer previously worked with Jackpot in Posidonio two years ago, striking up a really good friendship; and they liked the idea of doing a song together.

Kyriacos told ‘My manager Vaggelis Papadopulos has been beside me for the last two years and we have managed to do some great projects together and he has opened up a huge market for me in Bulgaria as well as in Greece. I thank him loads for that as you always need a good team and co-ordinator by your side!’

Kyriacos revealed exclusively to us that he is currently in the studio recording a new single that will be released at the end of September by Spin Records.

He is in talks at the moment about the likely venue and place he will be performing this winter.

If you have yet to check out the music video for ‘Sto Poto Mou Rixse Staxti (Ayde Chao)’ then stop everything and watch this:

Article written by Tony Neophytou