Cyprus has confirmed that Hovig Demirdjian will be the Cypriot representative for the up-coming Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which takes place in Kiev, in Ukraine.

The Cypriot broadcasters internally selected their choice announced through a press release on Friday 21st October; He will fly the Cypriot flag at next May’s annual music event.

Hovig, 27 years-old, was born in Nicosia, a Cypriot artist of Armenian origin. He will sing a song composed by Thomas G:Son, a Swedish song-writer. He produced 2016’s Cypriot entry, co-writing the Minus One ‘Shine’ track, and qualifying well enough to the final, did pretty much alright in fact. His involvement shows ambition to impress at the competition, with his notable many credits including, Sweden’s victory of 2012 in the song contest.

The date for the release of the song has not yet been specified for listeners, which leaves Cypriot fans in eager anticipation. The LGR website will have the song on its release date in the months leading up to the competition.

Hovig is a professional singer and song-writer with 10 years under his belt. This versatile performer is handling pop to Laika and emotive ballads. Excitingly enough, for this reviewer London Greek Radio Dj, his Laiko tune ‘Ego Gia Sena’ goes in to his favourites list, on the LGR air-waves. Well, this is somehow adding a more pleasant touch, because we know the artist a little bit, from his work.

He is very well liked by the Cypriot public, his evolving fan-base, largely beginning with his long-run on live shows of the Greek X Factor. The same year Miss Ivi Adamou was in the series, herself flying the Cypriot flag at 2012’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Hovig finally realises his long time goal pursuing his shot at Eurovision and he’s certainly had a try at it a couple of times before at the local finals. He had a song ‘Stone In A River’ finishing 4th, at 2015’s Cypriot heat stages, likewise, his ‘Goodbye’ tune rated 3rd during 2010’s pre-selection.

This is looking very likely that third time is the charm now he’s attained his goal proper.

He feels absolutely honoured to sing for his native Cypriot land, and is very much looking forward to it.

On his Facebook page, Hovig posted, ”Nai! (Greek word for yes), that’s all I said to CyBC when they popped the Eurovision question.

”This year, I intend to work very hard, day and night, to deliver the best possible performance in Kiev.

Cyprus is a diverse, and a hot island. Diversity runs in our ideas, our people and our music.

Our small island is an oasis of awesome talented people with amazing Mediterranean temperament.”

He concluded, ”Eurovision is happening guys and it’s going to be fun. Let’s do this!”

The press conference held at the Nicosia’s RED, where Hovig performs a lot, was made up of the Cypriot delegation’s Evi Papamichael and Kleitos Kleitou both expressed their hopes and confidence about our Cypriot chances in the song contest.

Hovig thanked them for selecting him as the artist and promised he will do his absolute best at the sing-off event. He thinks Cypriot talent is immense, he puts it, it’s a small nation but it’s really huge talent-wise, if you take in to account the extent of so many talented individuals.

Hovig will be certainly looking to equal the island’s solid qualifying record lately, following Minus One and John Karayiannis the year before, acts which made it to the final outright.

He will do whatever it takes to get to the final, Hovig, emphatically put it. This task is very likely to be very tough for sure, and will need lots of hard-work to make sure he passes to the last round, he’s very focused to knuckle down to achieve this, he points out.

Gson said he felt privileged, and honoured, to be writing his second Cypriot song in two years.

Meanwhile, CyBc CEO Thanasis Tsokos gives us a little quote by saying, ”Eurovision surely exists in the Cypriot nation’s DNA…” He’s of the opinion Cyprus’ participation is vitally relevant to encouraging, and promoting young Cypriot talent. It pays off economically and other ways, to being part of such a big thing. To which, he added, for a small state, like we have with the Cypriot state it is very important to be physically present, at these events.

He believed in Hovig’s talents and abilities and predicted he will qualify okay, adding, he forecasted rightly the same thing about Minus One, Tsokas told us.

We at London Greek Radio will be following all of the developments in the weeks to come and looking forward to have the song in our hands, where you will hear it first, and as always to happily support #teamcy and #eurovisioncy in the run-up to the contest.

The Semi-Finals will span from 9th May 2017 to the 11th May 2017, with the Final to take place on 13th May 2017, where he will be hoping to stamp his authority on the rest of the Eurovision nations.

Article written by Tony Neophytou