Greek singer Stefania on Thursday night qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest Final with her song Last Dance‘.

18-year-old Stefania Liberakakis had taken to the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. She was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands to Greek parents from Sofiko Evrou in Greece.

‘Last Dance’ is a 80s slight retro-uptempo catchy song, current and mainstream. The Eurovision-friendly hit which has entered London Greek Radio playlists.

It a progressive well-built song, atmospheric and up-tempo on top of swirling hooks. Stefania dramatically drips over a cocktail of bass lines, scintillating strings and a “Ooh oh oh” refrain drives the up-beat vibes.

LGR’s Tony Neophytou said, “Last Dance is a really pretty song, very melodic. It is catchy and very captivating as a Eurovision song requires”.

The Eurovision veteran Dimitris Kontopoulos and music production ARCADE, composed and produced the tune, with lyrics by Sharon Vaughn. Teaming up with creative director Fokas Evangelinos has certainly proved fruitful, and with his reputation as the innovative stage creator, Greece has an ace up their sleeve.

The hi-tech wizardry and green screen performance: the digital invisible dancers which look really cool. At one point Stefania climbs invisible stairs against a futouristic city landscape.

The four dancers, Giorgos Papadopoulos, Marcos Giakoumoglou, Nikos Koukakis and Kostas Pavlopoulos.

It is very slick and visually arresting, and unique than anything else in this year’s Eurovision line-up.

Mr Neophytou’s view, “Stefania’s teen pop looks, talent and telegenic, likeable, approachable personality, are good assets to this pop-package. The wink to the camera was a sweet touch”.

Of the 17 competing countries, Greece was one of the 10 that gained enough votes from professional juries and the public to advance to Saturday night’s sing-off.

Stefania sang fourth in the running order and gave a strong performance of the dance number.

The announcement of the 10 qualifying songs was a nail-biter, with Greece ninth to be announced.

This is the eleventh time that Greece has qualified for a Eurovision since 2008.

Bookmakers and fan polls had predicted that Greece would make it through this highly competitive semi-final.

Greek fashion designer Vrettos Vrettakos, fits Stefania into a violet glitter outfit, she’s got real teen pop star looks. The team consists too, of Giannis Mourikis, as the set designer. George Segredakis, who’s designed the costumes of the dancers. Asterman Company, who’s undertook the creation of graphics.

In 2016, Stefania represented The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision in Malta, as part of the three-piece girl group Kisses. Their upbeat song ‘Kisses and Dancin’ placed eighth in the contest.

Amongst the other qualifiers was Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears ‘Tout L’univers’ ballad number. The Icelandic song ’10 Years’ also qualified and is now sixth favourite to go the distance and win on Saturday.

The other qualifying songs were from San Marino, Moldova, Albania, Serbia, Finland, Portugal and Bulgaria.

Greece are at slot number #10, in the final. Meanwhile, Cyprus’ singer Elena Tsagrinou with ‘El Diablo’ has the honour of opening the night, slot #1. Elsewhere, UK’s James Newman with ‘Embers’ in the running order of 26 at slot number #9.

London Greek Radio wishes Stefania and Greece the best of luck in the Eurovision.

* Pic: Stefania celebrates after securing a place in the final in Rotterdam, in the second semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Cyprus qualifies for 2021 Eurovision Final

Article written by Tony Neophytou