Greek composer and lyricist Giannis Spanos has died at the age of 85.

He was born in Kiato Korinthias in the Peloponnese, on 26th July 1934.

The famous song-writer was perceived as a pioneer in shaping the New Wave genre in the 60’s.

Spanos’s first release in 1964 ‘Mia agapi gia to kalokairi’, signalled his arrival on the Greek music scene, which he continued to embark on for several decades. He set to music poems by several Greek poets, and his work was sung by well-singers singers such as Arleta, Yiannis Parios, and Charis Alexiou.

His well-known hits including ‘Mia Kyriaki’ sung by Grigoris Bithikotis, ‘San me koitas’, ‘Odos Aristotelous’, ‘Spasmeno karavi’, ‘Mia fora thimamai’, ‘Markiza’, ‘Eipa na figo’, ‘Vroxi kai simera’, ‘Tha me thimitheis’, ‘Stin alana’.

He also worked with famous French musicians and artists, including Serge Gainsbourg and BĂ©atrice Arnac at the early start of his music career.

He was still actively working until the very end of his life, writing and composing music for artists as well as soundtracks for films and TV series.

Article written by London Greek Radio