Alex Loizou

Alex Loizou

Entrepreneur Alex Loizou, age 28 is the first Cypriot to make it onto Forbes 30 under 30 list. Alex is originally from Nicosia and his hard work over the last three years in London has paid off. It has earned him a place in the ‘Technology’ category in the famous Forbes magazine.

After finding out about the news, Alex Loizou took to Facebook and Twitter, writing “Awesome to be selected in the Forbes 30 under 30 consumer tech list! Trouva ftw!”

Alex is the co-founder of StreetHub now called Trouva, which is a marketplace that brings independent shops together on the same platform giving them the right technology to fight back against larger chains in the industry. StreetHub got going in 2013 by helping independent fashion retailers find online buyers and drive them to physical stores.

Alex, who graduated from the University of Cologne and the London School of Economics, spoke to Sigma Live English about what this means to him and he explains what Trouva is and the philosophy behind it all.

The main aim is to help urban places in cities such as London to have a platform in selling their unique items. He found that individual shops in London have no real technology to sell their products globally and people can only buy their unique products from the shop itself as they are not well versed with technology and marketing.

‘’ enables these small individual companies to sell globally through this website. Alex says that technology is something these shops need in order to branch out and gain more customers. The Trouva website therefore helps independent boutiques stand out and sell their unique products to more people. “We make boutique shopping simple,” the Trouva website proclaims. “Shop 150 of the UK’s best independent boutiques. All in one place. All online.”

Article written by Chantel Georgiou