Eurovision excitement continues as Greece releases this year’s act with Greek TV bosses confirming that Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord will be their representing artist.

This year, the Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Turin, at PalaOlimpico and the 25-year-old, who is studying to be a doctor, is a half Greek and half Norwegian singer-songwriter, born in Ioannina, Greece and raised in Norway.

The song, “Die Together” has the sounds of a strong, melodic electro-pop ballad with emotional overtones which seem to cut deep. It’s a break-up song about a genuine relationship that’s expected to tear at the heart-strings.

Amanda has co-written the track with fellow Norwegian producer and songwriter, Bjørn Helge Gammelsæterx and Amanda mixes modern pop, folk, electronic, alternative and ambient sounds.

LGR’s Eurovision fanatic, Tony Neophytou’s view is that “the song starts with an acapella section through a vocoder, which steadily builds up into a full-orchestral electro-pop ballad. The progression has its peaks and dynamic twists, causing intrigue and curiosity for the listener. The slow song then explodes to a grand orchestral feel as it progresses to its climatic finish. It is instantaneous with its catchy chorus, which a competition song requires.”

He added, “The singer and songwriter ballad feels honest and sincere. Amanda is a likeable soloist and incredibly authentic, with a well-made, intimate tune. The minimalist stripped-back acapella builds patiently into the explosive, orchestration. This is a potential jury bait song with on-point vocals. Amanda is emoting a stirring intense ballad that has won lots of admirers in recent weeks.”

Tony Neophytou believes in Greece’s chances at a qualification spot: “Her soaring melodies combined with vocal hooks gives the tune that feel of a competitive package and a game-changer as Greece embarks on a Top 10 placement.

He continued, “It is a sad, melancholic song with deep lyrics.”

Since it was released, many avid fans have interpreted its poignant lyrics to mean human bonds, the raging frontline, and conflict situations in the world now. The public reaction seems to give the track extra potency and powerful mileage.

Her immediate and direct lyrics is a sure asset in resonating intimately with the listener like, for example, when Amanda sings: “It’s been a hell of year, and we’ve been living in fear, close to giving up…”

Tony Neophytou also feels that the bridge section, with guitar, is almost uniquely dark and dramatic, with the verse, “Take my heart and rip it out, bring it to the other side”; a verse, she repeats four times, emphasising its blatant edgier undertones.

Tony says, “Amanda with a hauntingly beautiful, well-sung radio hit for the stage performance.”

The singer’s creative staging director is Fokas Evangelinos, a well-known figure in Eurovision circles, tasked with the elevation of her song. Her team says the “thoughtfully staged routine and emotional act” angles every single shot and frame as a captivating performance.

The official music video is filmed on the Greek island of Symi, as the backdrop to narrating Amanda’s song, which will be performed in slot number 15 of a running order of 17.

Greece competes in the Eurovision First Semi-Final which airs on 10th May on BBC Three. The Top 10 qualifying countries will advance to the Final on Saturday 14th May on BBC One.

London Greek Radio wishes Amanda and Greece the best of luck in the competition.

Article written by Tony Neophytou