With the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 tonight, singer Andromache missed out on the chance to represent Cyprus in this year’s final at the weekend.

All eyes were on the Greek girl on Thursday night as 2022’s entry took to the stage singing “Ela” in the second of this year’s semi-finals.

The 27-year-old newcomer’s full name is Andromachi Dimitropoulou and she was born in Germany and raised in Ilia, Greece.

Andromache was hoping to follow in the footsteps of Elena Tsagrinou, Tamta, and Eleni Foureira whose results helped Cyprus to consecutive finals, from 2015 to 2021.

Qualifying for the final at Cyprus’ expense was Belgium, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Australia, Sweden, Romania and Serbia.

Cypriot bosses stuck to the formulae, of internally picking a singer and song-package with Andromache mixing traditional Greek folk and Byzantine, with modern music.

The track is an ethno song that embellishes the instrument of bouzouki and the flute which blends into the ensemble, giving this track a more modernised touch, mixing old and new.

The percussions and the bouzouki add some magical reverie to the song.

LGR’s Eurovision fanatic said, “When I first heard this it felt hypnotising and catchy enough, with its nice melodic embellishments.”

“This is a really good radio song which has soared to top of London Greek Radio play-lists, in recent weeks”.

“On reflection Cyprus is a radio friendly song, perhaps it requires other elements translating it to the stage. It is a lovely tune, chilled and laidback, with maybe its lack of a build-up holding it back as a Eurovision competitive song entry,” Mr Neophytou commented.

Tony Neophytou furthermore said, “I don’t know, maybe she felt nervous at first verse, and gradually felt more in her stride and composure at the Greek choruses. She grew in confidence, and smiles, as the song was progressing…”

Her performance was met with rapturous applause from the audience.

“The attractive Andromache was standing inside a sea shell structure. The imagery was conjuring up Cypriot exotic flavours, and motifs. She was like a mermaid or maybe a wink, to the Cypriot myth of Aphrodite’s birth, at sea.”

Her female dancers Despina Lagoudaki and Nefeli Theodotou were at either side.

Andromache’s choreographed arm movements, or armography and her dancers give it a fusion of energy.

“Three girls are the Cypriot equivalent to ‘Charlie’s Angels‘,” (Tony quips).

“The staging was aesthetically-pleasing bathed in lots of warm colours. The blue and golden lighting, swept across the sea shell structure and stage reminiscent of Cypriot flag colours, which was a beautiful aesthetic.” Mr Neophytou underscores.

CyBc made the official announcement along with title of her entry “Ela” earlier this year. The song is written by Alex Papaconstantinou, or Alex P, a Greek-Swedish producer, well-known in Eurovision circles.

He collaborates on the tune with Cypriot singer-songwriter Giorgos Papadopoulos, Arash, Eyelar Mirzazadeh, Fatjon Miftaraj, Filloreta Raci Fifi, Geraldo Sandell, Robert Uhlmann, Viktor Svensson and Yll Limani.

Andromache is signed to Panik Records, whose roster includes former Eurovision predecessors such as Ivi Adamou, Demy, Eleni Foureira and Anna Vissi and Elena Tsagrinou.

Thank you to Andromache and the Cypriot delegation for their efforts and roll on 2023, with Cyprus’ pick of the next act and tune.

The Eurovision Final takes place on Saturday night at 8pm.

Article written by Tony Neophytou