Well done Andrew Lambrou came a highly respectable 12th out of 26 countries at the Eurovision Song Conest final at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, on Saturday night, the 13th of May 2023.

The Cypriot artist has written himself into Eurovision immortality, with one of the best Cypriot results in the event.

Cyprus broadcaster CyBC confirmed that up-and-coming Cypriot Australian star Andrew Lambrou would fly the flag at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool last year.

After weeks of teasing the world with only the singer and a snippet, “Break a Broken Heart”, the Cyprus Eurovision entry by Mr Lambrou was finally released.

We were promised a strong mid-tempo song and Andrew has certainly lived up to that script, releasing his Eurovision music video for “Break a Broken Heart” in March.

The Cypriot song is certainly catchy and a radio friendly number, which has already entered London Greek Radio playlists.

Born in Sydney to Greek Cypriot parents, Andrew learnt piano, and at 5-years-of age he won 1st place in a school competition. He originally sung his way to relative stardom, covering the likes of Evanescence, Harry Styles, Camilla Cabello and Sam Smith.

In 2015, when Andrew was just 17 years old, he finished in the top 20 in The X Factor Australia. This included a stopover in London at the five-seat challenge with his mentor, singing legend, Chris Isaak where he performed in front of music mogul Simon Cowell and pop star Rita Ora.

That same year, he was noticed by Sony ATV and was signed by Maree Hamblion. Since then, he has released a string of singles, “Throne”, “Lemonade”, “Confidence” and “Electrify”.

Next stop, Liverpool. Tony Neophytou caught up with Andrew Lambrou while in between soundchecks and tours of the press circuit at the arena.

Q. You’ve finally made it to Liverpool, and you’ve been rehearsing on the stage, it must be a special feeling, right?

A. Yeah, it really is. It’s so special, to be finally on the stage and to see what it all looks like has been mind-blowing for me. And there is so much anticipation when it comes to Eurovision. Such a build-up and so to finally get up on stage… I could picture it; I could picture all the people in the crowd. And I could picture what I will all feel like special and mind-blowing.

Cyprus will be staged with the help of Austrian artistic director Marvin Dietmann and Ross Nicholson from London’s world-renowned directors Black Skull. The involvement of the Austrian and British creatives highlights the Cypriot ambition to impress at this competition.

A. Yeah, sure did, Marvin and Russ are absolutely amazing at what they do, and I really feel like I’m working with the best in the world and that’s something really encouraging for me for an artist to feel that support, to feel that level of expertise on the team. I can’t fault a single thing that Marvin and Russ they know what they’re doing and for me that’s extremely special because I know I am in great hands.

Q. The Cypriot entry ebbs and flows constantly with a built-up, excitement throughout the song. The visuals are matching the growth and dynamics and elevates the song’s strengths and it culminates with fire-lit stage!…

A. Yeah for sure, I really wanted to build when it comes to the song, I want the end to have built up to a point where it is just the big explosion at the end you know, and I’m really proud of the song and I’m excited to get on stage and deliver that for everybody. The most important things for me are the ability to connect to the song. I want people to feel what I am singing. I want people to feel the lyrics, the passion coming out of my body through the tv screens, to the people in the arena. And if I can execute that plan than I’m over the moon.

Q. “Break a Broken Heart”, why was this the song which spoke to you?

A. It is a big decision when it comes to a Eurovision song, I wanted it to be something authentic. I wanted it to be something I could relate to personally. Because I feel that really shines through on stage and I want people to connect to it. And the song has such a great impact for me it did anyway. When I first heard it and I heard that big Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh… note at the start, it just captivated me. And I said ok, what is this song, and then I just wanted to listen to it more and more after that. So when it comes to Eurovision there are so many fans who keep up to date with what’s happening in the Eurovision world, but there are many people who tune in and don’t actually listen to the songs beforehand. They are just ready to watch the show. So, for me I wanted it to grab you quickly and I feel that this song did that for me, so the goal was to do that for the people at home.

The song was written to suit Andrew’s vocal and is a rather vocally demanding song, requiring his full skills as a singer to be on-point.

Q. Impressive vocals Andrew, did you want a song that would actually stretch you vocally?

A. Yes, I did. I wanted a song’s that gonna be impactful and to show what I am capable of on the biggest stage on the world. Although it might be a bit daunting with such a big vocal. I have really worked as hard as I can to make this song really comfortable myself and I feel comfortable at this point, which is great.

Andrew Lambrou delivers an impassioned vocal performance that gives voice to anyone who has felt like at the lowest point. Because of a break-up and lyrics speak of perseverance and strength developed through strength.

The vocals are on-point and sung with emotional intensity and sincerity.

A. Yeah, thank you so much that’s probably one of the greatest compliments I have gotten so far, and people are really loving my vocals, and that all comes down to how hard I’ve been working and practicing this song and feeling as comfortable as I possibly can. It’s just trying to compliment the visuals with the audio.

Q. What is the ambition, Andrew? It’s your 25th birthday in May, what would be a lovely birthday gift, qualification, I am guessing reaching the final? I am sure you will do just fine; you won’t be breaking Cyprus hearts (to coin a phrase).

A. (Laughs) 100% correct that would be the ultimate birthday gifts for me, I don’t think anyone has to get me birthday gifts for the rest of my life after that (laughs).

Q. I’ve been following your Eurovision journey for quite some time, with Australia Decides 2022, looking back on it, do you think that gives you much needed Eurovision experience?

A. Yeah, I believe everything happens for a reason and to introduce me to the Eurovision world and going on to the stage it gave me some experience and it also taught me a few lessons too and now that I am fortunate enough to be in this position now, I am using all the knowledge I’ve got from the past into play now.

Q. There is a minor tradition with diaspora artists in Eurovision, such as Lisa Andreas and Andy Paul, former UK Cypriot acts of past Eurovision editions. What was the reaction from fellow Australians and Aussie Cypriot diaspora to your act?

A. It’s been fantastic, I can’t really complain at all. The love and support I’ve been getting over in Australia from the Greek Cypriot community has been something giving me so much motivation, so I am a very happy man with a big smile on my face. I can’t wait to make as many people as proud as I can.

Q. Was time taken aside for Greek Easter, amidst the rehearsals…

A. I had a typical Greek Orthodox Easter making flaounes and pafkia which is a version of flaouna with meat inside it that only comes from Paphos where my grandparents come from in Cyprus. So, we kept with the traditions, and we went and saw some family and it was really great just to unwind and to forget about things for a minute, and just to spend time with loved ones.

I can see from Instagram you were ‘baking’ flaounas, in terms of keeping up with tradition and culture I heard you love modern Greek music, Laika and zeimbekika…?

A. That’s for sure, at any event you can see me dancing the kalamatiano to all the classics and I’m not as good as my dad at doing the zeimbekiko that’s for sure. My dad is the professional but I’m trying to follow in his footsteps.

Q. What do you think about before a performance?

A. For me it’s about staying calm. To stay calm I think about what is important to me. I think about things outside the Eurovision world, I think about my family, my loved ones, my passion for music, and grateful I am to be here right now. I’d like to take a deep breath and understand I’m here to do what I like to do. So that’s my goal, my little ritual beforehand. It’s all about staying calm for me.

Q. Post-Eurovision, any thoughts…

A. I want to travel, and I want to release more music…

Thank you, Andrew Lambrou and the best of luck, to you and the Cypriot delegation.

The Cypriot star absolutely smashed that performance, absolutely fair play to him!

You can follow Andrew on Instagram @andrew_lambrou, where he already boasts almost 500k followers. Andrew was doing impressive TikTok numbers before announcing Eurovision, now at 700k followers and climbing.

May 2023

Article written by Tony Neophytou