Cypriot broadcaster CyBC confirmed in December that Greek star Tamta would fly the flag at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Georgian-Greek singer, Tamta Goduadze, 38, ticks-off Eurovision on her wish-list; that’s right a song contest she has thought about doing for absolute ages. Tamta came agonisingly close to achieving it – not once, but twice and denied the chance which is lucky for Cyprus as she said ‘Yes!’ to the Cypriot proposal this year.

The pop up-tempo track ‘Replay’ is very current and very radio-friendly.

Her catchy song reigned number one on the London Greek Radio, LGR, Official Air-Play Chart this month.

It’s very upbeat, very infectious horns-fuelled chorus with a thumping bassline. The brass parts are a big asset to the song and no doubt gives it a slight edge.

CyBC chiefs felt that the Georgian-born singer was right for this year’s contest as the up-tempo tune compliments Tamta as a singer and performance-artist comprising that “complete package”.

The song’s composer Alex Papaconstantinou aka Alex P was the man behind Eleni Foureira’s ‘Fuego’ – last year’s fantastic runners-up in the competition. He collaborates on the tune with Sweden-based songwriters Geraldo Sandell, Viktor Svensson, Albin Nedler and Kristoffer “Bonn” Fogelmark.

The music video is portraying Tamta within a very urban and industrial context, that seems to fit accurately the modern song. It’s very slick and well-made, with Greek director Giannis Michelopoulos piercing together a lot of fast-paced shots and costume changes. If you blink, you will miss Tamta alternate a street-wise lass, to “dominatrix”, and casual-girl-next. The pop-idol is playing the role of an enchantress who’s spinning ‘a man into a state of infatuation’. A fun act/entry oozing that “sexiness” x-factor, so on trend with a particular type of pop-genre now.

Sacha Jean-Baptise, the creative woman behind ‘Fuego’ last year is in charge of the Cypriot staging and no doubt will help to elevate Tamta’s staging and song on the left side of the scoreboard.

Tamta starts rehearsal week at the Tel Aviv Expo which hosts Eurovision this month. The singer confirmed four dancers will join her on stage, all-Swedish professional dancers,  Lamin, Kenny, Niklas and Benjamin and no doubt will give it that strong visual element to compliment the track. It’s slick, stylish, with tight and creative camera-work, that helps create that strong visual impact on stage.

Cyprus is opening the First Semi-Final in slot number #1 with a show-stopper routine to officially launch Eurovision this year.

Cyprus has qualified to four-consecutive finals and Tamta is hoping to emulate that success, with a well-deserved fifth-finalist. The Cypriots have a great form and one that is a very proud achievement for the country.

At the time of writing, Cyprus are virtually neck-and-neck with Greece ‘first-favourite’ to win the Semi-Final. It is a Top 10 ‘seventh’ to win Eurovision, and seize the 2019 trophy. The nation is somewhat a “Eurovision power-house” lately so it’s a winner in our books; and it puts to the centre, and forefront, Cypriot and Greek pop music to a huge audience.

LGR’s Tony Neophytou said, “The Top 10 is potentially theirs; a competitive line-up this year. The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and Russia’s comeback with Sergey Lazarev. Interestingly their composer is Dimtris Kontopoulos with fellow-Greek Fokas Evangelinos staging Russia’s effort with Eurovision pedigree under their belt.”

Cyprus competes in the Eurovision First Semi-Final which airs on Tuesday 14th May at 8pm GMT.

She performs in the running order of 17 at slot number #1.

The Eurovision Song Contest Final is broadcast on Saturday 18th May at 8pm GMT.

London Greek Radio wish Tamta and the Cypriot delegation the very best of luck in the competition.

Article written by Tony Neophytou