Attorney General Costas Clerides has filed an application to the Supreme Court seeking the dismissal of his deputy Rikkos Erotokritou (pictured) from his post as a Deputy Attorney General because of misconduct.ÂÏÇÈÏÓ ÃÅÍÉÊÏÓ ÅÉÓÁÃÃÅËÅÁÓ Ñ. ÅÑÙÔÏÊÑÉÔÏÕ - ÄÇÌÏÓÉÏÃÑÁÖÉÊÇ ÄÉÁÓÊÅØÇ

In his application, Clerides also asks for Erotokritou to be suspended or ordered to abstain from his duties until the hearing and the completion of the application.

According to an announcement issued today by the Law Office, Erotokritou`s misconduct refers to activities, actions and statements by the Deputy Attorney General during the period between 14.4.15 – 23.4.15 as well as the handling of criminal cases concerning VAT under circumstances that suggest a conflict of interest in an earlier period.

The Supreme Court will sit in full plenary session on 25th of May to hear the case.

The Attorney General is being represented by private lawyers George Triantaphyllides, Christos Clerides and Achilleas Emilianidou.

The investigation of the case, which was initially assigned to Panayiotis Kallis and then to two other independent criminal investigators, is expected to conclude within the next few days.

An independent criminal investigation report indicates that Erotokritou could be guilty of bribery and corruption. These allegations were attributed to Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Georghadji by CBC board member Stelios Kiliaris, during a House Ethics committee session.

Shortly after Clerides` announcement, Deputy Attorney-General announced that he will also file an application to the Supreme Court in the coming days, asking for the dismissal of the Attorney General.

In his announcement, Erotokritou says that a request on his behalf will be registered in the next 24 hours with the Supreme Court, asking for the dismissal of Costas Clerides from his position because of misconduct.

Erotokritou requests also for Clerides to be suspended or ordered to abstain from his duties until the hearing and completion of the application.

Article written by CNA