YOU all know them best as our Cyprus entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Minus One rocked the Stockholm stage with their hi-tech killer set, which included computer-generated ‘wolfs’ and barred cages, which both still linger in our memories.

Minus One visited London Greek Radio during the Eurovision warm-up tour and demonstrated to show our listeners what they’re made of.

The ‘Alter Ego’ band put out an April announcement stating that both their lead singer Francois Micheletto and bass player Antonis Loizides would be leaving the group at the end of May. In turn, the group have invested in making essential changes and welcomed new lead vocalist Andreas Kapatais, as well as bassist Max O Matic. Despite the band’s shake-up, the changes looked seamless. However, as the boys have wasted no time getting back into the recording studio and indeed have recorded their new song. To sum it up, Andreas and Max have joined existing band-mates Christopher Ioannides, Harrys Pari and Constantinos Amerikanos.

Their new track, ‘The Other Side Of The Mind’, unveils this new exciting line-up. The overall style is definitely a mix of up-front electric-rock and ‘dramatic’ hook-lines to one that creates a more ‘laid-back’ tune. In this reviewer’s opinion, it is a charming song… and a bouncy little number for sure. It’s a touch of sublime simplicity, and the ‘hook’ instantly grabs the listener’s attention. The lyrics are overtly positive in substance stating life is to be lived absolutely joyfully, stating happiness is everywhere.

Check out the video with the lovely elderly couple bopping away while vacuuming and boogieing down the street. I’m sure you would agree with us this is resolutely a feel-good number that will make you smile…

London Greek Radio would like to wish Minus One the best of luck with their brand new song and looking forward to future successes.

Article written by Tony Neophytou