It’s been reported this week that 236 UK Cypriots have died in relation to Coronavirus.

The weekly Parikiaki newspaper which has continued to print it’s circulation during the pandemic have been providing regular updates.  The latest figures were published as of 22nd April 2020, however it is not known whether the deceased have died directly from Coronavirus or whether they had tested positive for the virus, but died of other causes.

The newspaper has contacted hospitals, churches, funeral directors, Turkish Cypriot media and community, plus requests for their weekly death announcements, and confirmed 236 UK Cypriots have died, with 36 deaths of UK Cypriots in the past week.

According to Parikiaki’s calculations the deceased are as follows:-

UK Greek Cypriots – 140, which includes a married couple
UK Turkish Cypriots – 80
UK Maronite Cypriot – 1

All of the above are from the London area with 5 additional UK Greek-Cypriot deaths in Birmingham, 3 (from the same family) in Weston-super-Mare, 1 in Southend, 1 in Luton, 1 in Cheltenham, 1 in Lowestoft, 1 in Derby, 1 in Cambridge and 1 in Liverpool.

With 192,262 deaths worldwide, the above total of 236 UK Cypriot deaths equates to 0.12% of deaths globally and 1.26% of deaths in the UK.

Cyprus currently has 795 cases of positive tests for Coronavirus with 14 deaths and so far, 98 have recovered from the disease, (just over 12%).

In Greece, of 2,463 cases, 127 people have died and 577 have recovered, (almost 25% so far).

Globally, from the 2,754,506 who have tested positive for the disease, 762,128 have recovered and 192,377 have died.  [An almost 30% recovery rate so far and just under 7% who have died worldwide.]

The 2,754,506 confirmed worldwide cases represents 0.035% of the world’s population who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

London Greek Radio (LGR) expresses our sincere condolences to the families and friends of all those who have sadly died during the pandemic and continuing to work with various organisations to help and support our communities at this challenging time.

John Kyriakides, Chairman of LGR said, “The LGR family are working hard to keep listeners informed, entertained and updated during this unprecedented time. I am saddened to hear of so many deaths in our communities.”

Tony Jay, Managing Director for LGR added, “LGR will continue to promote cross-partnership initiatives to help our listeners and communities. Our work to communicate the help that is available is more important than ever because we all have a role to play in fighting this virus.”

London Greek Radio – working together with partners, businesses and organisations to support our communities.  #StayHome#SaveLives#StayTuned

Information credited and attributed to Parikiaki newspaper and

Figures correct at time of publication 16:09 on Friday 24th April 2020.

Article written by London Greek Radio