Anna Vissi illustrates her new song ‘Προτιμώ Να Πεθαίνω’ with a countryside inspired story. Featuring an unpredictable trip to Crete, filled with suspense, Anna Vissi brings her new single to life.

The music video is actually based on the remixed version of her song, created by Themis Georgantas. The song, titled ‘Προτιμώ Να Πεθαίνω’ features on Anna Vissi’s latest album ‘Συνέντευξη’, meaning ‘Interview’, which perhaps implies the singer feels as if though she is making a personal confession in this latest album.

The album consists of 14 songs, each titled with a statement and together they create a heartfelt ‘Interview’.

The music and lyrics of the album, are once again, written by Vissi’s lifelong fellow traveller, Nikos Karvelas. Furthermore, Gerasimos Evaggelatos has contributed to the lyric-writing.

Right before the premiere of her live shows in Athens, Anna Vissi visited the island of Crete for an adventurous four-day trip, in order to film her brand new music video. During her stay in Crete, a countryside inspired story evolved, which is different from anything else we’ve seen from the singer.

The music video is directed by Manolis Leventelis, and the song was released under the Panik Records banner. The video, which is featured below is quirky, fun and something we haven’t seen before from Vissi.

Article written by Panayiotis Koutoulas