A Cypriot Politician is widening his efforts to save the A level Modern Greek Exam by writing to all the Members of Parliament on the House of Commons Education Select Committee.

Stephen Alambritis is the Aradippou born Council leader at the London Borough of Merton and he has today written to Mr Neil Carmichael MP, the Chair of the Education Select Committee in Parliament.

In his letter to Mr Carmichael (copied to all ten cross party MP’s on the Select Committee) Cllr Alambritis reminded the Education Select Committee Chair of the recent inquiry into the work of Ofqual that his committee was undertaking.

Merton Council Leader Stephen Alambritis

Merton Council Leader Stephen Alambritis

Alambritis stressed the importance of languages in the workplace. He said children of Greek background taking A level language exams have to plan their schooling in advance and it was important to come to a decision on the Modern Greek A level language Exam which is currently in limbo.

Britain’s first ever Cypriot council leader is once more writing to the Chair of Ofqual, Amanda Spielman urging her to announce a permanent decision to help in saving the crucial language exam from abolition by examining authorities. Spielma has only committed to the exams until the Summer of 2019.

Commenting on efforts to save the A Level Cllr Alambritis said “ Members of Parliament on the influential Education Select Committee should be made aware of our plans to save the Greek exam. There are many Greek Community schools that help towards community cohesion in the UK. Working towards the Greek Exam helps our young children of Greek origin and others to develop a lifelong appreciation of the richness of Greek culture. Education Select Committee MP’s will also be aware of the critical importance of language qualifications in the search for work and how prized language skills are by employers both large and small”

Article written by LGR