Well, it’s a Christmassy story with a happy ending for a local campaign which fought for the lights on the Christmas tree in Tally Ho Corner in North Finchley to be switched on this year. Now, finally lit-up, it is visible from the LGR House if you take a 15 to 20 minute walk or a 5 minute drive to the roundabout linking Tally Ho Corner on the long High Road stretch.

So, with an ’empty’ tree, especially looking out of this place for what you might expect to see this December, a local initiative certainly helped make Barnet council take their stance blatantly clear, and finally do the right, which was promised all along anyway.

Helen Michael decorates the Christmas tree…

Barnet Council has apologised for causing confusion over whether it would be funding lights for the ‘living’ Christmas tree at Tally Ho Corner in North Finchley this year.

Traders began a campaign to raise cash for the lights after they said they had been told by the council that no cash was available.

Woodside ward Labour councillor Alan Schneiderman accused the local authority of ‘a bar humbug attitude’.

Helen Michael, a London Cypriot lady who owns Cafe Buzz nearby took it upon herself to decorate the tree with her friend Tracey Allen, when other local traders followed suit and Martyn Gerrard Estate Agents pledged funds towards it.

But, following an email from The Press, the council announced funding would be available for lights for the tree, which was planted in 2014.

Tally Ho Corner…

Dean Cohen of the Environment committee, said:

Generally we don’t fund Christmas trees and decorations in the borough. However, a few years ago we installed a permanent living tree in North Finchley, which we have dressed with lights. Unfortunately, this did not happen this year and I have instructed that the lights are installed by the end of this week.

‘I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and hope traders continue to enjoy the benefits of free Christmas parking at weekends in our town centres.

Well done to Helen and all the other traders showing true community spirit and helping to make sure the local authority followed through with lighting up the tree, only a few days before the festivities are due to begin in earnest.


Article written by London Greek Radio