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BBC Radio

If you are wondering what the ultimate Eurovision song of all time is, BBC radio 2 has the answer.

Helena Paparizou and her song ‘My Number One’ was voted as the all-time favourite in a BBC poll. The song competed against the other 60 winners of the competition and Paparizou succeed, taking first place once again.

10 years after its release ‘My Number One’, the song that took Europe by storm in 2005, proved to be the most popular of all the Eurovision songs ever.

Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ landed second despite Abba’s still very active fan base.

BBC Radio 2 noted: “This was Greece’s first ever victory in the competition back in 2005 and it actually led to mass celebrations on the streets of Athens. After the show, nationals descended on the streets to wave their flags and sing her song. The folk-dance love song then went on to gain top 40 chart positions in countries across the world, was later covered by a heavy metal band and was even featured as a soundtrack in a karaoke video game.”

Helena, singer and songwriter, was a member of the group Antique which became extremely popular after their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001 with the half-Greek half-English song ‘Die for you’.

As of late, Paparizou has released her new song ‘Angel’ and once again her fans are responding enthusiastically, with more than 20 thousand views already, the song is promising to be another great hit.

Listen to Helena’s latest hit here:

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou