Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart. The definitive chart rundown this month, October 2021.

This month’s biggest, most in demand hit songs.

1 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Apo Erota [NEW]
2 Nikos Vertis – S’ Agapao
3 Petros Iakovidis – Tatouaz
4 Konstantinos Argiros, Rack – Telika [NEW]
5 Konstantinos Pantelides – Meine [NEW]
6 Giorgos Kakosaios – Min Tis Peite [NEW]
7 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane
8 Natasa Theodoridou – Paradothika Se ‘ena
9 Evita Sereti, Stamatis Gonidis – I Agapi Einai Charisma
10 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tetarto [LGR version]

11 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Kanenas Monos
12 Giorgos Kakosaios – I Mia
13 Mad Clip Feat. Eleni Foureira – Mporei
14 Paola – Kardia Alitissa [NEW]
15 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Proti Thesi
16 Kaiti Garbi, Dionysis Schoinas – Atoflio Chrysafi
17 Ivi Adamou, Stavento – Gia Sena
18 Stan, iLLEOo – Gia Dio [NEW]
19 Sarbel – To Party Arxizei [NEW]
20 Aggeliki Darra – Epikindini Mou Agapi [NEW]

21 Giorgos Livanis – Thelo Ki Allo
22 Christos Menidiatis – Teleftaia Agkalia (Feeling by Rania Kostaki)
23 Giorgos Sabanis – Kati San Asteri
24 Loukas Giorkas – Gia Tin Ellada
25 Helena Paparizou, Anastasios Rammos – Gia Poia Agapi
26 Dimitris Basis – Kathe Mera [NEW]
27 Pyx Lax, Christos Mastoras – Na Me Thymitheis
28 Giannis Arvanitidis – Ola Einai Sto Mialo Sou [NEW]
29 Thodoris Ferris – Hilia Kommatia [NEW]
30 REC – Mono Mazi Sou [NEW]

31 Stelios Legakis – Poios [NEW]
32 Konstantinos Argiros – Paraskevi Proi
33 Helena Paparizou – Mia Stagona Amartia [NEW]
34 Nikos Apergis – Mi Me Paidevis [NEW]
35 Prodromos – Agapi Allounou
36 Katerina Lioliou – Story [NEW]
37 Melina Aslanidou, Glykeria – Ftanei kai Perissevei
38 Katerina Naka, Vasilis Dimas – Floga Pou Mas Kaiei
39 Giorgos Kakosaios – Poia Einai Afti
40 Eirini Papadopoulou – Ya Habibi

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Article written by London Greek Radio

Stath Lets Flats, with its quaint eccentric humour and a GreekCypriot twist…

The BAFTA TV-winning agency comedy will begin in October, series 3 will pick up events following the series two cliffhanger, with the family agency in jeopardy.

Channel 4 renewed the so-called “British Cypriot” comedy for a third series in the autumn of 2020, following a BAFTA TV winning streak.

At the time, London Cypriot creator and star-of-the-show “Stath” Jamie Demetriou commented: “This is lovely. I love Channel 4. Thanks so much for having us back for a series three. Sorry the title is still hard to say. Love Jamie Demetriou from Stalph Les Flav”.

Series two of the sitcom won three BAFTA TV Awards: Best Male Actor in a comedy, for lead star Jamie Demetriou; Best Writer of a Comedy, also for Demetriou; and the programme itself won the award for Best Scripted Comedy.

Also returning are Demetriou’s sister, Natasia (What We Do In The Shadows), Al Roberts (King Gary), Christos Stergioglou (Dogtooth), Katy Wix (Ghosts), Kiell-Smith-Bynoe (Ghosts) and Ellie White (The Other One).

Comedy actors Charlie Cooper (This Country), Julia Davis (Gavin and Stacey) and David Avery (We Are Lady Parts) will all be joining the third series.

Davis will guest in one episode as Kris, Carole’s belittling and snobbish sister. Meanwhile Avery plays Bambos, Stath’s flash barber cousin; and Cooper plays Gregory, a lettings agent who is “passionately devoted to his wife and runs a rival agency called Live Love Lets”.

Jamie Demetriou said, “Times are the worst they have been in living memory, but fear not, a sitcom about a lettings agency is back for a third series! All the characters (bar a few who had availability issues) are back and saying stuff aaaall over again! Get ready to hear what they say!

“Listen closely and you might even hear a thing or two from some new celebrated guest stars. Did somebody say… the whole England football team? No, it’ll be comedy actors!”

The third series is set to pick up following the season two cliffhanger, which saw Stath tasked with rescuing the family business, Michael & Eagle, in addition to facing up the terrible state of his love life.

Ash Atalla, managing director of the show’s production company Roughcut TV, said: “We’re so happy to bring STATH back and welcome the new cast. The audition process was nine months of actually letting flats so we have high hopes for the new series.”

Stath Lets Flats returns to Channel 4 at 10:15pm on Tuesday 26th October.

Article written by London Greek Radio

Alex Nicholson, 24 years-old, of English-Greek origin, urgently needs a lifesaving stem cell transplant to treat his blood cancer.

Alex was 18-years-old when he was diagnosed with a blood cancer called Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 4B on April 8th, 2016, but began feeling unwell around 5 months before the official diagnosis.

He was a music technology student at Palmers College, USP College in Grays, Essex, and was studying for his exams when he was diagnosed and began treatment.

Now 24-years-old, Alex, from Basildon, Essex, has been battling his Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for five years and has sadly relapsed six times after two failed stem cell transplants, a trial drug failure and endless chemotherapy sessions.

Alex undertook chemotherapy sessions and received the first stem cell transplant in November 2016 using his own cells.

There was only a 50 per cent chance that using his own stem cells would work and devastatingly, it didn’t.

Alex then relapsed in January 2017 and the cancer returned. The consultants contacted the register for stem cell donors but were unable to find a match for Alex.

The keen musician continued with his chemotherapy treatment until June 2017 and received his mum’s stem cells, with only a 50 per cent chance that it would work.

Sadly, his mum’s stem cells also failed.

Alex’s mum, Debbie Nicholson, 48, said: “He’s been through his cancer journey for the last 5 years. Alex was studying at college, he was studying music technology, throughout his treatment had home exams, he’s been able to do on-line help with his coursework, with his colleagues and his tutors. And he was able to get a very good mark, even though he was going through treatment. Alex has had two stem cell transplants, which is a little procedure that could give someone the chance of life. It’s collecting stem cells out of your blood, so it’s not anything to do with organs or anything like that, it’s just what your blood makes that the patient you match to, potentially be able to save their life”.

But sadly, the treatments failed to work and Alex’s cancer returned for a fourth time.

Then on January 27 last year, Alex was given a trial drug aimed at helping cure his cancer, but after three days, he became unwell and the drug didn’t work.

He went through a year of remission from June 2020 to August 2021 and recently Alex was told by his consultant that his Hodgkin’s lymphoma has returned and is sadly incurable.

Sarah Mallick, Fundraiser and Administrator at The Leukaemia Cancer Society told LGR, “This young man has spent nearly a quarter of his life battling blood cancer; he’s only 24 now. He was first diagnosed when he was 18. He has his whole life ahead of him, but he’s really running out of options and so we desperately need to find a stem cell donor for him as soon as possible.”

Alex is of English and Greek heritage and may need to rely on donors of mixed heritage to donate their stem cells as he has already had two failed transplants.

If someone is also half English and half Greek, like Alex, there would be a better chance of a tissue match to potentially cure him.

Androulla Stylianou, Co-ordinator at the charity told LGR’s Wish, “And because Alex is of mixed heritage Greek and English, the likelihood is that it’s someone from that heritage that will match him. But that does not mean that we don’t want just fully Greek people on the register, also English people. Because the match could be anybody Greek, English, or a mixture of the both. So we’re appealing to that group of people. This is Alex’s last chance. He has no other chance unless he finds a stem cell donor soon.”

There is a desperate need for stem cell and bone marrow donors, which could help save people’s lives – including Alex.

Sarah Mallick said, “And people might think a stem cell transplant, involves an operation, but actually for most people, it’s bit like a long version of giving blood. So it’s a matter of giving up a few hours at a hospital, and perhaps getting a bit bored and feeling a bit tired. But for the opportunity that you might be able to save a life.”

Androulla explained, “Whatever is taken from the donor that hopefully that we find goes on to a separator machine, and blood is taken from one hand, goes through the machine, where they take the cells that they need for the patient, and then it goes back through the other hand. So nothing is really taken and the cells that are taken are replenished, within a couple of days, so there is no risk to the donor.”

It’s easy to register as a donor, by going to The Leukaemia Cancer Society’s website, you can register to become a donor. After registering, a swab will be sent to you, where you swab inside your mouth and send it back to the charity.

If you’re a match, you’ll receive a call on how to give your stem cell or bone marrow – and it could save someone’s life.

Androulla Stylianou told Tony Neophytou’s Wish programme, “It is a very, very easy procedure, and your giving someone a chance of life. Alex is hanging on waiting for that last chance, waiting for the match to come forward. So, the more people that register, then greater the possibility of finding a donor for Alex.”

“It was an appeal for John Triteous that we heard and we went forward to give blood, and join the register ourselves. And that is what inspired, the Leukaemia Cancer Society to recruit Mediterranean donors, Greek-Cypriot, Turkish-Cypriot, to help save lives.

“It was a radio appeal which inspired the creation of The Leukaemia Cancer Society, and LGR actually.”

Every 20 minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with blood cancer – those that affect the body’s bone marrow, blood or lymphatic system – such as leukaemia, myelome or lymphona. Yet, just 2% of the UK population is registered as potential blood stem cell donors. People from Cypriot, Greek and mixed ethnicity backgrounds are under-represented as donors.

Diversifying the register is extremely important to people from our community.

“We do wish more people would come forward, we do need a lot more Greek-Cypriot people. We are greatly under-represented on the register. The Mediterranean community is only a very small percentage of the British registry, a very small percentage. So we need to do whatever we can to increase that and to make the register more diverse.”

“We are a very generous community, we are a giving people, a loving people; I think it’s just that people are unaware how simple a procedure it is. And maybe that deters them from coming forward. It is a very, very simple procedure that takes not too long at all of your time and a procedure that can potentially save a life of a young 24-year-old.”

For more information on how to become a donor, click here.

Or for more information on the charity, click here.

Alternatively, you can contact Androulla from Leukaemia Cancer Society on 07872 633508 or 020 8374 4821 for more details.

Article written by London Greek Radio

It is with deep regret and great sadness that LGR has learnt of the death of Father Andreas Hadjisavvis on Friday 15th October 2021. He was 69 years old.

For forty years, Father Andreas self-sacrificially served his congregations, being incessantly on the side of all those who needed the help and support of a priest in every circumstance of their lives.

Thousands of Orthodox faithful in North London were baptised, married, buried and received Holy Communion from his hands.

Father Andreas was born in 1952 in Nicosia. His parents were from Akanthou and moved to London in 1960, living in Chalk Farm.

The young Andreas attended All Saints Primary School, followed by Haverstock Secondary School.

He subsequently attended Hull University where he studied Economics.

Whilst at University, he was invited to meet the Queen – Elizabeth II, and on another occasion, Father Andreas was one of ten students from the UK to have dinner with the Queen Mother at Clarence House.

Pater Andreas served as a priest at St Demetrius Greek Orthodox Church in Edmonton for two years before moving to the Greek Orthodox Church of St Cosmas and St Damian in Gospel Oak.

Eventually, he moved to what became known as “his second home” – the Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist in Wightman Road, Haringey where he served for over 30 years.

At that time, Father Andreas was also involved in the Anglo Akanthou Association and one of his proudest moments is when he helped organise one of their dinner and dances at the Piccadilly Hotel, where Tottenham Hotspur players attended with the FA Cup immediately after their FA Cup Final win over Manchester City in 1981.

He was also involved in raising money for North Middlesex Hospital, which helped pay for heart monitors.

Father Andreas was also one of the first to help raise money for Children in Need.

He is survived by his wife Maria, four children – two sons and two daughters and five Grandchildren, along with lots of friends and relatives.

LGR understands that Father Andreas Hadjisavvis will lie in state at St John the Baptist Church, Wightman Road, on Friday, 22nd October from 10.00am to 9.00pm.

At 6.00pm, His Grace, Bishop Iakovos of Claudiopolis will officiate the Trisagion Service for the repose of the soul of Father Andreas.

The funeral will take place on Saturday, 23rd October at St. John the Baptist Church in Wightman Road.

His Grace, Bishop Iakovos of Claudiopolis will officiate the Orthros and the Divine Liturgy from 7.30-9.30am.

At 10.00am, His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain will preside over the funeral service.

The burial will take place at New Southgate Cemetery at 2.00pm.

In place of wreaths, the family kindly asks for donations to be given to Moorfields Eye Hospital, the North London Hospice and the Parish-Community of St John the Baptist.

A Book of Condolence has been placed at the entrance of St John the Baptist Church.

Everyone at LGR is deeply saddened to learn of Father Andreas’ passing – may his memory be eternal.

Article written by Viron Karidis

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Article written by London Greek Radio