Top 40 London Greek Radio Airplay Chart, February 2021.

The Chart is comprised of play-lists, with the best new music and spinning some of our favourite tunes from the last year.

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1 Antonis Remos – Otan Se Rotisane
2 Petros Iakovidis – Mi Thimoneis
3 Ivi Adamou Feat. Giorgos Mazonakis – Fotia Mou
4 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Emena Na Akous
5 Michalis Hatzigiannis – Min Argeis
6 Stamatis Gonidis & Ioulia Kallimani – Gynaika Einai
7 Natasa Theodoridou – Paradothika Se Sena
8 Giorgos Sabanis, Panos Katsimichas – Afto Pou Agapas
9 Melisses – Pou Nai I Agapi [NEW/EXCLUSIVE]
10 Konstantinos Argiros – Tha ‘Mai Edo

11 Vasilis Karras – Lene Gia Mena [new version]
12 Yianna Terzi Feat. Paschalis Terzis – Gia Sena Mono
13 Loukas Giorkas – Mou Eleipses Poly [NEW]
14 Dionysis Schoinas – Xsipnisa Kapos
15 Helena Paparizou – Se Xeno Soma
16 Anastasios Rammos – Oti Ki An Kano
17 Konstantinos Argiros – Athina Mou
18 Giorgos Livanis – Na Eisai Eftychismeni [NEW] 
19 Sakis Rouvas – Yperanthropos [NEW]
20 Eleonora Zouganeli – Stathero [NEW]

21 Natasa Theodoridou – Exapsi [NEW]
22 Elli Kokkinou – Ti Echo Travixei [NEW]
23 Alcatrash – Terma Ta Psemata
24 Stamatis Gonidis – Den Se Thelo [NEW]
25 Stan – Paidi Tou Cheimona [NEW]
26 Konstantinos Pantelidis – Ki An Me Miso [NEW]
27 Panos Kiamos – Eipa Ki Ego
28 Helena Paparizou [Feat. Marseaux] – Deja Vu [NEW]
29 Valantis – Tote [NEW]
30 Themis Adamantidis – Afto To Ligo [NEW]

31 Nikos Vertis Feat. Amir – I Lexi S’ Agapo
32 Christos Menidiatis – Mporei
33 Thodoris Ferris – Paraskevi [NEW]
34 Jospehine – Ego
35 Konstantinos Christoforou – S’ Ena Tetarto [NEW]
36 Stelios Rokkos – Den Fovithika
37 Alkistis Protopsalti – Nikites Chamenoi [NEW]
38 Christina Salti – Mporei
39 Nikos Oikonomopoulos – Skase Ena Fili
40 Giorgos Sampanis – Agia Thalassa

Your Top 20 Chart Hits

Article written by London Greek Radio

Cyprus confirmed Greek singer Elena Tsagrinou will be the nation’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The Cypriot broadcaster CyBc announced the artist and song-title ‘El Diablo‘ in an official statement in November.

The 26-year-old Athens-born singer will perform in the Eurovision’s first Semi-Final, at Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena this May. The song is up-tempo, and is said to be a current radio-friendly hit and Eurovision “competitive” enough. The scenario, Elena seems to have fallen in love with someone as bad as ‘El Diablo’ (Spanish, for ‘The Devil’).

The official song and music video will be released very soon. The choreographer Chali Jennings will be responsible for, Elena and her dancers routine in long-anticipated release of the Eurovision video.

Elena takes over from Sandro Nicholas, [his song ‘Running’] last year’s Cypriot titleholder, [he was unfortunate not to sing it], at the cancelled Eurovision Song Contest.

The song-writing team composed of Jimmy Thornfeldt, Swedish songwriter, the Canadian songwriter and Eurovision regular Laurell Barker, behind ‘You Got Me’ by Luca Hanni, which came fourth in 2019, Brazilian-born songwriter Oxa, and Thomas Stengaard, penning the 2013 Eurovision winner ‘Only Teardrops’ by Emmelie De Forest.

Cypriot bosses have stuck to the winning formula of choosing artist and song internally. Cyprus have a 100% qualification record in five years which is impressive and one that Elena Tsagrinou is hoping to emulate their successes. The 2018’s runners-up with Eleni Foureira’s ‘Fuego’, plus five qualifiers between 2015 and 2019, Cyprus have upped their game in the music event for sure.

Cypriot chiefs felt that the songstress was right for this year’s contest as the upbeat song compliments Elena as a vocalist and performance-stage artist.

Head of the Cypriot Delegation in Eurovision Evi Papamichael helped define the criteria for their selection. “In recent years we have been collaborating with major record companies of the region. Greece and Cyprus are, as you know, a single record and music market.” Papamichael explained, confirming that Cyprus music is almost intertwined with Greece’s record labels, and world-class vibrant music industry.

Elena is signed to Panik Records, record label whose former Eurovision predecessors have included Ivi Adamou, Demy, Eleni Foureira and Anna Vissi.

The female soloist has been in the music industry since she was 14, where she reached the semi-finals of Greece Has Talent.

After five years with the band OtherView, Elena went solo in 2018 and has presented shows like The Voice of Greece, Just the 2 of US and K-POP Stars.

Last summer she released Latin-Reggaeton-fused ‘Amore’, the exotic tune also made it to our airplay charts. Her debut hit ‘Pame Ap’ Tin Archi’ launched a young-fledging solo career. The hits included ‘Paradeisos’, ‘Logia’, and duets; with Mike ‘Pare Me Agkalia’, feat, with Oge ‘San Lava’, ‘Tsai me Lemoni’ with Dakis and last December, Elena and DJ Kas covered dance track ‘Be My Lover’.

Elena performed at concerts in Cyprus and Greece, alongside artists such as Konstantinos Argiros and Melisses. Her music videos have accumulated millions of views on youtube, and entrusted Elena as one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists, in Greek music.

Cyprus will be staged with the help of artistic director Marvin Dietmann who helped Austria to a Eurovision triumph in 2014 with their song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’. The involvement of the Austrian creative highlights the Cypriot ambition to impress at this competition.

Cyprus competes in the First Eurovision Semi-Final which airs on Tuesday 18th May, on BBC Four. The Top 10 qualifying nations have progression to the Final on Saturday 22nd May, on BBC One.

London Greek Radio wishes Elena and Cyprus the best of luck in the Eurovision.

Article written by Tony Neophytou

It’s been reported this week that 630 British Cypriots have died in relation to Coronavirus.

The weekly Parikiaki newspaper which has continued to print it’s circulation during the pandemic have been providing regular updates. The latest figures were published as of 11th February 2021, however it is not known whether the deceased have died directly from Coronavirus or whether they had tested positive for the virus, but died of other causes.

The newspaper has contacted hospitals, churches, funeral directors, Turkish Cypriot media and community, plus requests for their weekly death announcements, and confirmed 630 British Cypriots have died, with 9 deaths of UK Cypriots in the past week.

Reportedly, in London alone, at least 9 Cypriot families have lost loved ones to the disease, of which 5 were Greek-Cypriots and 4 Turkish-Cypriots.

This is the lowest recorded weekly figure recorded since almost two months by the London news outlet.

According to Parikiaki’s calculations the deceased are as follows:-

British Greek Cypriots – 311
British Turkish Cypriots – 270
British Maronite Cypriot – 1

[Which includes 12 cases of married couples, 2 cases of two brothers and 2 cases of fathers and sons and 1 of mother and daughter and 4 under 40 year olds.]

All of the above are from the London area with 12 additional Greek-Cypriot deaths and 1 Turkish-Cypriot in Birmingham, 1 in Cambridge, 1 in Cardiff, 2 in Cheltenham, 1 in Colchester, 2 in Coventry, 1 in Derby, 1 in Hemel Hempstead, 1 in Glasgow, 2 in Leeds, 1 in Leicester, 6 Greek-Cypriots and 1 Maronite-Cypriot in Liverpool, 1 in Lowestoft, 1 in Luton, 1 in Maidstone, 1 in Manchester, 1 in Mansfield, 1 in Margate, 1 in Middlesbrough, 1 in Newport, 1 in Northampton, 1 in Suffolk, 1 in Southend, 1 in Wakefield, 3 Greek-Cypriots (from the same family) in Weston-super-Mare.

The figure includes 582 in London and 48 outside London.

With 2,392,293 deaths worldwide, the above total of 630 British Cypriot deaths equates to 0.026% of deaths globally and 0.54% of deaths in the UK.

Cyprus currently has 32,288 cases of positive tests for Coronavirus with 219 deaths and so far, 2,057 have recovered from the disease, (just over 6%).

In Greece, of 170,244 cases, 6,077 people have died and 150,901 have recovered, (just over 88% so far).

Globally, from the 108,702,417 who have tested positive for the disease, 80,699,989 have recovered and 2,392,293 have died. [Just over 74% recovery rate so far and 2.2% spot-on who have died worldwide.]

The 108,702,2992, confirmed worldwide cases represents 1.38% of the world’s population who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

London Greek Radio (LGR) expresses our sincere condolences to the families and friends of all those who have sadly died during the pandemic and continuing to work with various organisations to help and support our communities at this challenging time.

John Kyriakides, Chairman of LGR said, “The LGR family are working hard to keep listeners informed, entertained and updated during this unprecedented time. I am saddened to hear of so many deaths in our communities.”

Tony Jay, Managing Director for LGR added, “LGR will continue to promote cross-partnership initiatives to help our listeners and communities. Our work to communicate the help that is available is more important than ever because we all have a role to play in fighting this virus.”

Information credited and attributed to Parikiaki newspaper and

Figures correct at time of publication 00:30 on Saturday 13th February 2121.

Article written by London Greek Radio

LGR were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Kyriacos ‘Koulis’ Kyriacou on 20th January 2021.

Kyriacos, (Koullis) was an avid LGR fan and critique and had a rapport with management and presenters on a regular basis.

He was found dead at his home in Seven Sisters Road, Stoke Newington after a friend attended, concerned that Koullis was not answering any phone calls.

London Ambulance Service and police were called just after 8.00pm on the evening of Wednesday 20th January and had to force entry to the property.

Koullis, originally from Limassol in Cyprus, was found deceased in his bed. It is believed that he last spoke with friends on the day before, and last called LGR on the evening of Monday 18th January.

LGR understands that an initial post-mortem has proved inconclusive and further tests are being carried out, including toxicology. It’s not believed that there are any suspicious circumstances, however, the death has been referred to the North London Coroner.

Koullis, known in England as ‘Kyri’ was 57 years old.

He was born in Limassol on 17th June 1963 to Christakis (Christos) and Eleni, and has two younger brothers, 56-year-old Anastasios, (Tassos) and Panikos, who is 50 years old.

Koullis’ brothers still live in Cyprus. Their mother passed away at the age of 65.

Young Kyriacos had eye problems as a child and came to England in 1997 to have surgery in the hope that his eyesight would improve.

He eventually settled down in Seven Sisters Road and dealt with top quality sound and HiFi equipment. Kyriacos was a humble and religious man who always tried to help others. His faith was strong and he had personally studied music and Hippocratic medicine.

Although a very private man, to those who knew him, he was a very good friend who could be trusted and relied upon.

As an avid listener of LGR, Koullis enjoyed the weekly Holy Liturgy on Sunday mornings and his passion for music meant that he would frequently contact LGR’s presenters with help and advice. As well as enjoying Greek favourites such as Spyros Zagoraios, Rita Sakellariou, Stratos Dionysiou, Giorgos Mazonakis, Stelios Kazantzidis, Theodosia Tsatsou, Mihalis Menidiadis, and rock and Entechna Greek songs, he was also very knowledgeable in English music, enjoying songs by Deep Purple, Whitesnake and many more.

Our condolences to Koullis’ friends and family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

Article written by London Greek Radio