The Greek independent record label The Spicy Effect has uploaded the song ‘Min Akous Kanenan’ from a new upcoming artist named Naya. The greek media has reported that Naya is already a well-known dancer and some claim that she might be one of the top dancers in Greece.

The song ‘Min Akous Kanenan’ is written by Gavriil Gavriilidis and a music video will be available very soon.

Yiannis Papadakos, who has directed videos for Sakis Rouvas , Kostas Martakis and Onirama, is going to be the director for this new artist’s video.

The label that signed Despina Vandi, Thanos Petrelis, Mater Tempo, Lena Papadopoulou and Eleni Hatzidou is now promoting this new star and the YouTube comment feedback is rather enthusiastic.

Efforts from the label to provide the best songwriter and director signifies that Naya is here to stay. The singer who has been an enigmatic figure since she was introduced to the public last May, when she appeared on the red Carpet of Madwalk 2015, has now excited fans with her first audio piece.

It is known that Phoebus, the owner of The Spicy Effect label, is always trying to find new talents and Naya just might be their next big star.

The girl with the white hair and tattoos has already attracted a lot of attention on social media and while we have to wait for her to release her first music video, the song is out and ready for public ears:

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou