A charismatic and inspiring man walks around London with one mission and one message: To forward the smile. Angelo Pangalos inspires and encourages people to share a smile with strangers.

Some years back, Angelo’s whole life was turned upside down due to illness and it was these hard times which led to and fuel his current ethos. He reflects: “I remember I was hitting my head on the wall and I was so down that I took my pen and I wrote on my wall really big, I just want to die.”

Now, his mission is to lighten the day of total strangers. Part of this involves transforming typical tube journeys into fun sing-along experiments. With a deck of cards and a guitar he brings light to the tube journeys and engages with strangers, recognizing the importance of social interactions. Angelo finds fulfillment through this project and by sharing smiles and stories with strangers.

“When you are broken, you have nothing else to lose” he exclaims. Angelo’s purpose is not recognition or fame, nor to receive money from strangers. Simply, he aims to spread happiness around him and paint the world with smiles.

And so, we share a smile with Angelos and also share his story with you, in hope that he inspires each and every one of you, to forward a smile today.

Article written by Malvina