Argiro The Seal

Argiro The Seal

Argiro, the seal who thinks she’s a human, has been threatened by a French tourist.

Monk Seals are usually shy but not in the case of Argiro, the most sociable seal alive who definitely sees herself as a human being.

Last week Argiro made her appearance on the Greek island Samos and quickly became an internet sensation.

Tourists and locals started taking photos of her and sharing them on their social media; her photo was trending on Facebook and the sweet monk seal quickly became an attraction of the island.

Local fishermen named the seal Argiro and are reportedly very protective of her. The friendly seal didn’t seem to mind that she became a celebrity and was even spotted posing for pictures while sunbathing amongst the tourists. The video’s that have circulated online unveil that the bold monk is completely unafraid of the humans and in fact, likes to interact with them.

Argiro The Seal

Argiro The Seal

Yet, just a couple of days ago, shocking news was published in the website that a French tourist was insulted by the presence of the seal and complained to the locals about it. It is rumoured that swimmers heard him claiming it would be better if someone would shoot the harmless animal. Naturally, appalled tourists and locals warned him to stay away from Argiro since she’s a protected species.

According to specialists, the case of Argiro is quite rare and if you ever see a seal while you are swimming you should better not try to approach it. These animals belong in the wild and are usually quite timid. We are the biggest threat for monk seals so we should respect and protect them, especially Argiro since she does not even judge the tourists that pose in photos with her, while wearing neon speedos.

There are only 450 monk seals worldwide and Argiro’s harmless coexistence is creating awareness for the issue. The battle for the defence of the wildlife should be everyone’s responsibility.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou