Laya is almost 5 years old, she has a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy which means she can’t walk, crawl or even sit on her own. The only way Laya can move is by having an electric wheelchair.

The particular wheelchair, which Laya needs, can lower her all the way to the floor so she can play with her brother, sister and other kids on the ground. It can raise her to she can watch mum cooking in the kitchen. It can even make Laya stand upright which she has never been able to do before.

This Snap Dragon wheelchair costs £25,000 and so her friends and family are desperately trying to raise the money so Laya can enjoy the summer using it.

Laya’s parents explain more about her condition:

“Our precious daughter Laya was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 (SMA 1) when she was just 8 months old. Laya is now nearly 5. SMA1 is a life limiting condition without a cure. Laya cannot walk, crawl or even sit by herself. She has very poor head control and she has extremely weak muscles. For instance a small apple is too heavy for her to hold. Although profoundly disabled, Laya’s brain is completely unaffected by her condition, she is very bright, loves to sing, read, tell stories and chat!

A year ago, her current wheelchair, Wizzy Bug, gave Laya her first taste of independence. For the first time she didn’t need to be pushed or carried, she was able to move in a direction that she chose, where and when she wanted to. We will never forget her smile on that day, it’s a memory we will always treasure. She has now outgrown Wizzy, which is a pre-school wheelchair for toddlers.

Laya is very special as there are only a small handful of children around the world with SMA1 who have survived passed the age of two. Because Laya is a bit of an anomaly she doesn’t quite fit into any specific category and so we have struggled greatly to get any charity or government funding for a powered wheelchair that will give Laya this level of independence. This is why we have decided to fundraise ourselves”.

To help change Laya’s story and assist in raising the money for the wheelchair she requires, click here to donate.

Article written by London Greek Radio

A charismatic and inspiring man walks around London with one mission and one message: To forward the smile. Angelo Pangalos inspires and encourages people to share a smile with strangers.

Some years back, Angelo’s whole life was turned upside down due to illness and it was these hard times which led to and fuel his current ethos. He reflects: “I remember I was hitting my head on the wall and I was so down that I took my pen and I wrote on my wall really big, I just want to die.”

Now, his mission is to lighten the day of total strangers. Part of this involves transforming typical tube journeys into fun sing-along experiments. With a deck of cards and a guitar he brings light to the tube journeys and engages with strangers, recognizing the importance of social interactions. Angelo finds fulfillment through this project and by sharing smiles and stories with strangers.

“When you are broken, you have nothing else to lose” he exclaims. Angelo’s purpose is not recognition or fame, nor to receive money from strangers. Simply, he aims to spread happiness around him and paint the world with smiles.

And so, we share a smile with Angelos and also share his story with you, in hope that he inspires each and every one of you, to forward a smile today.

Article written by Malvina
Red Nose Day Buskathon

Red Nose Day Buskathon

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 13th March and once again, the nation is gearing up to put on their Noses, pull out all the stops, and get fundraising.

In aid of Red Nose Day, Anthony Webb estate agents have organised a Buskathon on Saturday 14th March located outside their office at 348 Green Lanes Palmers Green between 10am-4pm.

With the help of Centre Stage, a local Theatre School based in Southgate and their very own Martin McKelvey, the Anthony Webb team hope to entertain the public and raise funds for a great cause.

The Anthony Webb team will be providing the entertainment and all they ask in exchange is that the local community come along and have a good time: “Please pop along to support the local talent and donate! Staff from Barclays Bank, Palmers Green, will be on hand to collect donations and run a lucky dip for the children”.

The money raised for Red Nose Day is spent by Comic Relief to transform the lives of millions of people, both at home in the UK and across Africa.

They fund over 2,100 amazing projects, throughout the UK and since the last Red Nose Day, Comic Relief has spent £99 million helping over 12 million people – this includes money raised through Red Nose Day, Sport Relief and other fundraising.


Article written by Anthony Webb

David Burrowes, a north London Conservative MP and long standing friend of Cyprus, raised the Cyprus question during a foreign policy session at the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon.


“There is a country in Europe which is occupied and divided for over 40 years; that’s Cyprus. What priority is the Government giving to solving the Cyprus problem?” was the question Mr Burrowes addressed to the Foreign Office heads.

The response was given by the Minister for Europe David Lidington: “We continue to give strong support to the UN envoy Espen Eide and his efforts to bring the two communities in Cyprus together. A settlement would be in the interest of all communities in Cyprus.”

Lidington added that he welcomed the meeting hosted at the Foreign Office on Monday at which the Chambers of Commerce from both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities were represented by their presidents. “They both spoke eloquently about how a settlement would help the prosperity of everybody on the island,” commented the Minister.

Article written by CNA

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (pictured) says he will present proposals for six reforms at Monday’s Eurogroup.


“I will go with a file of six reform proposals so we can discuss which ones can be implemented immediately,” he told Star TV on Monday night.

His comment comes after Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem suggested in an interview with the Financial Times that Greece may receive some of its 7.2-billion-euro loan tranche as early as March if it proceeds with reforms.

During the interview, Varoufakis insisted that Greece would not have problems repaying 1.5 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund.

He also ruled out the possibility of exiting the euro, saying that the best option for the country is to restructure its debt within the eurozone.

“Leaving the eurozone would be the worst thing that could happen to us,” he said.

Article written by Kathemerini