Woody Allen

Woody Allen

The world famous writer and director Woody Allen was spotted in Cannes promoting his new movie ‘Irrational Man’ with Emma Stone and Parker Posey, however it appeared that he preferred to talk about Greece instead of own his film.

During the press conference he expressed his discontentment about the ongoing economic situation in Greece. The creator of ‘Annie Hall’ and ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’ seemed to be well-informed not only about the ancient Greek history but also about the current high unemployment rate.

Woody Allen said: “It is horrible. Every day I open the paper and read about Greece’s disaster. In the birthplace of tragedy, philosophy, sciences and democracy. We read that it will soon leave Europe and the euro. That unemployment has reached nightmarish levels and that the end is coming soon. It’s a pity. Instead of Plato and Socrates, all of us who have no idea about economy, read these creepy things. It’s a pity.”

The famous director also revealed that he would like to shoot a film in Greece; especially in Athens since the city has great historic value.

Woody Allen is madly in love with the European culture and history and he has directed movies all over Europe. Despite his passion for Greece he is hesitant to shoot a film under the Acropolis because he would like to have financial support from the Greek government.

“Of course I would like to make a movie in Athens. Provided that the [Greek] authorities will contribute to financing the production. As has happened with all the films I shot in London, Paris, Madrid and Rome. Besides, I have visited Athens in the past” he added.

Since 2013 both American and Greek media spread rumours that Woody Allen’s next movie will be in Greece. Some sources claim that the director was inspired by the economic and humanitarian crisis and he envisioned his film to be shot in Plaka, the picturesque area under Acropolis. The rumours included Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz who were predicted to be in the cast.

It would be a perfect opportunity to promote tourism in Greece and show a different side of the city, apart from it being the centre of economic crisis. “Instead of Plato and Socrates, we read about Greece’s economic disaster,” added the famous director.

Although the scenario with Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz shooting a film in Athens looks almost impossible for now, we shouldn’t lose hope since it appears Woody Allen is still interested in pursuing the film.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou