Grant Mitchell

Grant Mitchell

Last Friday, Dame Barbara Windsor once again came on to our screens as Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders to tell her eldest son, Phil Mitchell that her breast cancer is back.

Barbara has played Peggy Mitchell since 1994. She left Eastenders back in 2010, but made a surprise entrance on Friday. The script writers and Barbara herself have decided that she will not overcome her breast cancer like she has previously therefore this Spring Eastenders fans will be biding farewell to this legendary soap character once and for all.

Barbara has made the decision that she wants to permanently say goodbye to Peggy Mitchell. Eastenders executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins is supporting her decision and sources say they have secretly been planning her last scenes since the summer. The last scenes were secretly filmed in November and will be played in the spring of 2016.

As Peggy Mitchell will not beat cancer this time around, Eastenders wants both her sons present for her final scenes. Therefore, Grant Mitchell (played by actor Ross Kemp) will also be back in Eastenders after leaving nearly 10 years ago. He will be returning for Barbara’s last episodes in spring where Eastenders fans will once again see Peggy, Phil and Grant Mitchell together for the last time.

Article written by Chantel Georgiou