Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos is finally shooting the sequel for the much loved Greek comedy ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and she has been tweeting about it to all her fans!

13 years after the original film Nia is now ready to film the sequel with a new and fresh script. The first movie was the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time and even won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

In the movie, a young Greek woman, Toula Portokalos falls in love with a non-Greek (a xeno) and had to confront her extended family who struggle to accept him.

We have no information at the time of what the sequel’s script will entail, but Vardalos announced that “the entire big fat family is invited back for the sequel.”

Just 9 hours ago, the beloved Greek actress and screenwriter tweeted a picture with her long-time friend Joey Fatone, ex-member of N Sync, with the hashtag ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’.

The two of them were formally dressed. Joey, who plays Toula’s cousin Angelo, wore a white tuxedo with a black bow tie. Although the script hasn’t been released yet we can only assume that there will be another wedding in this movie as well.

Kirk Jones will direct the film and this time Alex Wolf, the famous American Nickelodeon star, is rumoured to be the “center of a Portokalos family secret that will bring everyone back together for an even bigger — and Greeker — wedding.”

Tom Hankd and Gary Goetzman will be Nia’s producers once again and this time they are expecting an even bigger success. A month ago Vardalos reported that she finally felt right to make a sequel and the fans can’t wait.

The movie will be released next spring on the 25 of March 2016.

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou