It has been announced that Jennifer Aniston plans to share her kitchen secrets with her fans. The globally admired actress considers herself an alchemist because she can combine healthy food with great taste. Her Greek roots combined with her love for the Mediterranean diet make her an expert in cooking.


Jen’s Insagram Salad

“I would like to do a lifestyle thing, for people who struggle with dieting,” said Jennifer, “I could just make anything for a diet taste delicious.”

“I’m a good alchemist,” she continued in an interview with Yahoo Beauty. “I can mix certain things together that are all very healthy, but you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself in any way.”

It is not very surprising that Jen knows how to eat healthy. We can see from her Instagram account that she doesn’t try to stick to a strict diet but to eat small healthy meals regularly.

Recently she shared a picture of the favourite salad (right) that was consisted of bulgar, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese, & pistachios.

Kathy Kaehler, when talking about the actress commented: “Jen would never sit there and eat an entire pack of cookies, but she would have one if she really fancies it and savour every bite.”

Article written by Efcharis Sgourou