drink driving

Drink Driving

Ministers are considering lowering England and Wales drink-drive limit by a third to match the tougher Scottish levels that have been in place since 2014. They want to reduce the alcohol level limit from 80mg in 100ml of blood to 50mg. The new limit is equivalent to a small glass of red wine or half a pint for a woman or a large glass of red wine or a pint for a man.

Andrew Jones, a transport minister has proposed the idea to parliament and wants to discuss with Scottish ministers how much safer the roads would be with this new limit.

Andrew Jones has said that he wants to base decisions on evidence so this is only the early stages to changing the rules. Jones has stressed the importance of “a balance between safety and personal freedom”.

Road safety experts have been putting ministers under pressure to toughen up the law, as England and Wales limits are the highest in Europe. Jones is responsible for road safety and said: “Britain continues to have some of the safest roads in the world because we crack down on those who break the law, and the government believes rigorous enforcement and serious penalties for drink-drivers are a more effective deterrent than changing the drink-driving limit”.

If this were to happen it would be the first time the limit would be reduced in 50 years.

Article written by Chantel Georgiou